Dramatic postural improvement in a 10 year old Downs girl using Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy

Chronic history of breathing problems resolved after Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy

A patient with eyelid ptosis (drooping eyelids) - Before and After Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy

Additional Benefits of Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy was developed to eliminate chronic pain in the neck, jaw, back, hips, knees, ankles and feet. This therapy is for those who have one of the identified inherited foot structures which result in muscle pain and joint inflammation.

Over the course of the 45 years of research and helping patients, Professor/Dr. Rothbart has discovered additional benefits (in addition to the elimination of chronic muscle and joint pain) that patients receive when using Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy.  

These additional documented benefits include:

Elimination or Reduction in the Frequency of Headaches

Many headaches arise from tension in the neck muscles. Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy repositions the head over the spine, and so the neck muscles relax. Headaches become less frequent and less intense (as cited in Rothbart BA, Liley P, Hansen, el al 1995.  Resolving Chronic Low Back Pain. The Foot Connection. American Journal of Pain Management 5(3): 84-89).

"Since the age of 10, I have had severe headaches (3 or 4 per week).  Thanks to you, they are now gone."
Francesca Lucena
Sicily, Italy

Improvement in Respiration

By improving the bad posture, the shoulders straighten and the ribcage is opened.  Pressure is taken off the lungs. This allows for easier breathing (as cited in Gagey PM, 2003.  Posturologie, Elsevier). 

Improvement of Intestinal and Bowel Function 

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy reverses the anterior rotation of the hips, which in turn, decompresses the intestines and colon. Waste products pass through the colon more quickly and efficiently, which reduces the pain associated with gastro-intestinal distress.

In the 21st century, Posturologists have linked severe gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g., Crohn's Disease) to bad posture (the alignment of the skeletal frame determines the alignment of the internal organs). Improving posture can, in many cases, resolve severe stomach and bowel problems (e.g., abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea or constipation as cited in Gagey PM, 2003. Posturologie, Elsevier).

Healing of Diabetic Ulcers

With improved positioning of the foot, blood flow into the foot is greatly enhanced. This allows the diabetic ulcer to heal, reducing the likelihood of a partial or complete foot amputation. (Case Studies, Group Health Hospital, Department of Orthopedics, Tacoma Washington 1996; Diabetic Study, Istituto Superiore di Sanita, 2005) 

Reduction of Menstruation Pain

By reducing the forward rotation of the pelvis, the blockage between the uterus and the vagina is reduced. This allows the waste materials generated by menstruation, to be passed out of the body more efficiently. This in turn, diminishes or greatly reduces menstrual pain (and low back pain). (as cited in the Bellevue Study 1993-95)

Reversal of Infertility Problems in Women

Prior to Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy, a surgical procedure (Laproscopic Ventrosuspension) was commonly used to reverse the anterior rotation of the pelvis, which in turn, helped many women to become pregnant.  (as cited in Serour GI 1982 {Prof OB/GYN Al Azhar Univ}. Laproscopic Ventrosuspension. A New Technique. Int J Gynaecol Obstet, 20:129-131.)

Using Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy, many of these surgical interventions are no longer necessary. Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy reverses the forward rotation of the pelvis. This decreases the possibility of a blockage (Isthmus Block) between the ovaries and the fallopian (uterine) tubule, where conception normally occurs.  The egg passes more freely from the ovaries into the fallopian tubule and so chances of becoming pregnant are improved.

"I have a 25 year old patient, who has been trying to become pregnant for several years now.  She has had 3 invetral fertilizations, with no success. After using your therapy this patient is 7 months pregnant today"

Dinos Xydas MD
Nicosia, Cyprus

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy has a profound effect on the body, solving many chronic body problems previously considered unsolvable without surgery or drugs.  Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that allows the body to heal itself naturally.

However, it is important to note that Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy is only effective for those people that have one of the inherited foot structures discovered by Professor/Dr. Rothbart.  If you do not have either of these foot structures, this therapy will not work for you.  

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy will not eliminate pain originating from malignant or infectious processes, such as cancer or an infected nerve tumor; primary muscle diseases, such as Myasthenia Gravis; or spinal herniations or stenosis.  Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy will not eliminate the pain resulting from severe trauma, e.g., a car accident. 

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Over 10 years of tension headaches, gone after Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy