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Dr Kent Gustavson

Listen to Dr Gustavson interview Professor/Dr Rothbart about his groundbreaking research and therapy that eliminates chronic muscle and joint pain

About Professor/Dr Rothbart's First Book - Forever Free From Chronic Pain

​​Chronic knee, hip and back pain is a problem of epidemic proportions leaving millions of sufferers desperate to find relief.  But after trying invasive surgery and countless therapies in an effort to try something - anything - to alleviate their chronic pain, why are so many still aching with indescribable pain?

The answer is that a very common source of chronic musculoskeletal pain has - until now - remained unknown.  For this reason, the best that people can do is merely manage their chronic pain.

In Professor Rothbart's groundbreaking book, Forever Free from Chronic Pain, Chronic Pain Expert, Professor/Doctor Brian A Rothbart finally reveals the secret to success for thousands of his patients who live pain free lives.  He details his life's work and discoveries about a previously unknown, yet very common source of chronic muscle and joint pain, and provides a full explanation on how you, too, can finally free yourself from the bonds of chronic pain captivity.

In his passionate and easy to understand book, you will discover:

  • Why your current treatments for chronic muscle and joint pain don't work.
  • What is the solution to end your chronic musculoskeletal pain - permanently.
  • How to quickly determine if Professor Rothbart's therapy is for you.
  • How you can take immediate action to rid yourself of your chronic pain.
  • How, through advanced technology, your body will heal itself for good.

Professor Rothbart has spent the better part of 40 years in research and clinical practice in order to first find the source of chronic musculoskeletal pain and then how to permanently eliminate it.  In his revolutionary approach, patients the world over have been treated successfully where all past therapies have failed.

Through his innovative therapy as detailed in this book, you can join thousands of patients the world over who have gotten their life back and are now living forever free from chronic pain.
Hear from a reader of the book turned patient:

Luci Tucci - Constant neck and shoulder pain eliminated by Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy

"About 2 1/2 years ago, I heard Professor Rothbart speak about his research and work using Rothbart Proprioceptive Insoles.  I was impressed by all that he said, but although I had had chronic pain in my neck and down my arm for over 20 years, I did not place myself in the same category as his pain patients.  After all, my pain started with a car accident, so I figured there was not much to do but manage it with decades of chiropractic, massage, occasional hot thermal baths and yoga. 

As my neck and shoulder pain continued, I chalked it up to stress and hovering over my computer. I also had a sciatic nerve problem which went up my entire right leg for 15 years and was aggravated by driving.  I had a bite problem which I thought my dentist had corrected. I also had a bunion operation. 

Despite all these problems, the patients Professor Rothbart treated seemed entirely worse off than me, as my pain never prevented me from doing anything: it was something I lived with and would live with for the rest of my life (or so I thought).

After reading his book, Forever Free From Chronic Pain, I started to wonder if perhaps I might be one of the people who have a Rothbarts Foot and that my car accident and computer posture might have just been catalysts that brought on my pain sooner.  Thinking there might be a glimmer of hope for a pain free life, I made an appointment.

After running numerous tests, I received the correct insole prescription.  From the moment I had Rothbart's insoles under my feet, my pain lifted - gone – instantly.  It was the first time in nearly a quarter of a century that I did not feel gripped by that burning sensation and I felt no pressure from my sciatic nerve.

After a few weeks, I could finally sleep on my side again and turn my head with ease.  I was no longer clenching my teeth or keeping my face taught. My muscles felt looser.  My sciatica was barely noticeable and it feels so good to move. 

Professor Rothbart told me that I would forget about how much pain I had been in...I didn't believe him - after all, who could forget what seemed a lifetime of pain?  But the pain release was almost instantaneous.  The constant 'off the charts' pain that I had for so long, now seems like a distant memory."

Luci Tucci,

Rome, Italy 

Hear from the Experts

  1. Clayton A Chan DDS - Researcher in Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction, Los Vegas Nevada
  2. Eric C Carter PhD - CEO, World Organization Natural Medicine Physicians
  3. Sandra Goodman PhD - Editor, Positive Health Magazine
  4. David Pratt PhD - Clinical Scientist, Clinical Measurements Laboratory, Birmingham, Uk
  5. George J Georgiou PhD ND - Academic Dean, DaVinci College Holistic Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus
  6. John Diamond MD DPM FRANCZP MRCPsych FIAPM DIBAK - Author and Researcher, South Salem, New York
  7. Elaine Hollingsworth - Author and Director, Hippocrates HealthCentre of Australia
  8. Dr Tami Brady DD, RM - Specializing in Fibromyalgia

“Dr. Rothbart’s new book – Forever Free From Chronic Pain is a significant find and aray of light in the darkness of times for some who are seeking answers.  He understands the realities and the all common stories of the many sufferers of pain. Forever Free From Chronic Pain is an extraordinarily helpful and enlightening read, superbly written and profoundly important to both our medical/dental profession as well as the layman.  Dr. Rothbart’s work is revolutionary in its implications and profound in its clarity.”

Clayton A Chan DDS                                  

"Dr. Rothbart's new book - Forever Free From Chronic Pain - is clearly a successful culmination of many years of tireless research and clinical practice, and is a 'must read' for anyone that has not found the answer to their chronic pain."

Eric C Carter PhD                                                                   

“This riveting book may be a godsend to those people who have tried numerous other treatments without success and have been told to just live with their pain.”

Sandra Goodman PhD                                                                            

“This easy to read book provides a valuable source of information about the causes of much chronic pain.  I would recommend that any person with intractable chronic pain reads this book.”

David Pratt PhD, CPhys, CSci, MIPEM, ARCP                                           

“This is truly a case of a physician thinking way ahead of the crowd, as Prof/Dr Rothbart has invented a completely new therapy that truly works as tried and tested by many thousands of people worldwide who have been cured of chronic musculolskeletal pain.”

George J Georgiou PhD, DSc, ND, MSc                                               

"Thank you for the privilege of reading your most important book.  I am so impressed that I have immediately referred my wife to you."

John Diamond MD

"Finally, a real solution to help millions free themselves from the chains of chronic pain."

Elaine Hollingsworth    

"Virtually everyone experiences back, leg, head, or other body pain at some point in their lives. Millions of people suffer with chronic pain. Unfortunately, a large number of these individuals are not finding a pain management system that successfully relieves their suffering.

Surprisingly, Dr Rothbart states that the problem for many of these sufferers is actually in their feet, a slight malformation caused in the womb. In fact, many dangerous operations are being done needlessly. Indeed, think of the pain medications being given without ever exploring the real reason for the pain. It’s so very shocking, especially given that problem is completely reversible.

Dr. Rothbart began his research in an attempt to understand his own chronic pain. His studies led him to very successful trials not only in discovering continuity in the underlying cause of chronic musculoskeletal pain but also in effective ways of treating this malformation. Dr. Rothbart`s work is absolutely fascinating and truly enlightening."

Dr Tami Brady DD, RM

Hear from Other Readers

  1. E.M. Wahn, Journalist
  2. Cindy Crawford, Host of Health Matters Show
  3. Mary Eigel, MS Ed, Chronic Pain Sufferer
  4. Inez Bracy, Host of Living Smart and Well
  5. Bonnie Boots, Pain Health News, Chronic Pain Sufferer

"Troubled by chronic pain? Hot off the press, "Forever Free From Chronic Pain" presents a groundbreaking new theory in the treatment of back, knee, hip and other musculoskeletal pathologies.  Better, it offers a therapy that greatly reduces or totally eliminates chronic muscle and joint pain.

Packed with case studies, illustrations, websites, and over 200 citations and references, "Forever Free From Chronic Pain" uses layman's terms to explain complicated medical concepts.  Indeed, the authors enthusiastically say that the purpose in writing this book was to share the discoveries and offer chronic pain sufferer a permanent solution and an improved quality of life."

E.M. Wahn, Journalist, AWAR Forum

"Since Dr. Brian Rothbart first wrote his book, Forever Free From Chronic Pain, I’ve been his fan because Dr. Rothbart helps people learn how to be free of pain. Now, I know that’s quite a statement, so let me explain a bit more.

Dr. Rothbart currently lives in Spain, treating local people and people from all over the world. Because of his ability to really help people, they seek him out.

Foot Structure can be the root of the Problem!

He uses a proprietary method of analyzing a person’s foot structure to figure out the cause of a person’s health problem, i.e. chronic pain, and then provides a method to correct the damage of that foot problem. What’s interesting is the concept in his book and medical practice -and- the success that he has with so many people.

If you are one of the people in this world who endures almost constant chronic pain, this could be for you because maybe… you might find a way to be forever free of pain, too!

Either way, this book could be a very valuable asset to you. Consider purchasing it, then read about the methodology of the healing concept."

Cinda Crawford
Host of the Health Matters Show 

"Dr. Rothbart, with his personal and professional expertise, reveals a little known path to eliminating various types of Chronic Pain. The idea that underdevelopment of our feet at birth can result in so many postural problems is enlightening. I can only imagine how my own 30 year journey with chronic pain from childhood might have been altered if my doctors had access to his research, theories and work.

The fact that his personal battle with chronic pain informed his research makes it easy to identify with him and his work. And his writing style is such that you do not have to be a medical practitioner to understand the evidence he presents. The use of web based animations enhanced my ability to see first hand the simplicity and depth to his concepts.

His work and his book is a gift to anyone suffering from or professionals assisting those in chronic pain."

Mary Eigel
Chronic Pain Sufferer

"Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I learned from reading your book, Forever Free From Chronic Pain, that one doesn’t have to live with chronic pain, pharmaceuticals or any of the “treatments” that only treat symptoms!  I was just as surprised to learn that cartilage can regenerate.

Your book is straight forward, understandable and gives real information on how to eliminate pain.  It’s amazing that much of the pain we suffer is simply because the development of our feet throws our body out of alignment.

As a woman of a certain age, I’m highly recommending your book to my family, friends and radio show listeners.  Many of us are suffering needlessly because we didn’t know that pain could be eliminated.

I’ve been hesitant to tell anyone about my knee pain because I didn’t want to believe that it wouldn’t simply disappear (vanity).  Since reading Forever Free From Chronic Pain I now know that I don’t have to suffer.  Don’t be surprised if you see me in Rome soon!

In gratitude,"

Inez Bracy
Host of Living Smart and Well

"A new book by Professor/Dr. Rothbart says that a recently discovered foot syndrome which can be corrected without drugs or surgery has been proven to be the source of a great deal of chronic muscle and joint pain.

On first reading the book, “Forever Free From Chronic Pain: the pain sufferers guide to getting your life back,” I felt this explanation was fantastical, almost unbelievable. Could a slightly twisted foot really be the reason so many millions of people live in unrelenting pain?

But on a second reading, I began to develop a better understanding of the source of much muscle and joint pain as well as the way to resolve it.

What Professor/Dr. Rothbart discovered is a foot structure that begins in the fetus in about the seventh week of development, when the foot is twisted the wrong way. This results in lifelong poor posture, and that forced poor posture, the doctor’s research proved, is frequently the source of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Furthermore, the doctor discovered the condition is inherited. Typically, if you have chronic pain and this foot structure is the source, it’s likely one of your parents will have a history of chronic pain. You may also pass it on to your children.

The embryological foot structure he discovered now bears the doctor’s name: Rothbart’s Foot.

The doctor says that for the most part, traditional medicine focuses on pain management, not resolution of pain.
“One of the reasons I left surgery, ´ Professor/Dr. Rothbart says, “is because I was so unhappy with the results. I found that many of the patients I gave joint replacements to returned years later with the same pain. “But pain is not the problem,” he says. “Pain is a symptom of the problem. I was treating the symptom. What I wanted was resolution of the cause.”

Reading Dr. Rothbart’s new book, “Forever Free From Chronic Pain: the pain sufferers guide to getting your life back,” gave me new insight into why so many people are in chronic pain, and why the traditional medical community is so ill-prepared to treat it. It also gave me hope that for many people, help is finally at hand.

If you have been going from doctor to doctor, and yet find no relief from your chronic pain, I urge you to look into Professor/Dr. Rothbart’s work for yourself."

Bonnie Boots, Pain Health News

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