Professor/Dr Brian A Rothbart

Specialist in the Elimination of Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain

Important Message About Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy

After many years of conducting research and clinical trials, I developed Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy, a treatment which permanently greatly reduces or completely eliminates chronic muscle and joint pain caused by the two inherited, abnormal foot structures that I discovered – Rothbarts Foot (Primus Metatarsus Supinatus) and PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity.

Since the development of my therapy, it has come to my attention that it is being represented by some healthcare practitioners – not certified in the use of Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy – as merely the placement of prefabricated proprioceptive insoles (that I invented many years ago) under the feet.

This ridiculous oversimplification of a highly complex therapy has caused many chronic pain sufferers (who have followed their healthcare practitioner’s advice) unnecessary further suffering. In fact, to my dismay, the result has been many people becoming sicker and in greater pain.

If you suffer with chronic muscle and joint pain and are being prescribed these prefabricated insoles by your physician or other healthcare practitioner (under the guise of Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy or any other therapy name) your health may be at risk.  That is, if your physician has not received certified training - by me, in in the use of my therapy – he/she may be using you as a guinea pig, experimenting with different proprioceptive insole combinations to see what may or may not work. 

This point bears stressingIf you are a chronic pain sufferer (and especially if you have had multiple treatments and/or surgery, which may have already caused a worsening of your condition) using the wrong proprioceptive insole can cause further damage to your body.And using multiple incorrect proprioceptive insoles can cause pain and body damage to the point of incapacitation.

It pains me deeply to see chronic pain sufferers who already have a compromised body being treated by physicians who have been 'trained' in my therapy through attending a weekend workshop, watching a half hour video, or taking a class given by someone who, themselves, are not sufficiently trained in the use of my therapy. If your healthcare practitioner claims to have been trained by me, ask to see his/her diploma. It should show the Certification Level that was achieved, along with my signature at the bottom.

Correcting the damage from a lifetime of muscle and joint pain caused by a PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity or Rothbarts Foot is not something to be experimented with.  Your doctor must follow my specific protocol to make certain that your body will heal and have optimal results from your therapy.  There is no short cut.

What Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy Really Is

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy is a course of treatment (lasting six to eighteen months) which includes; initial testing, proprietary postural computer analyses, proprioceptive insole prescriptions and constant patient progress monitoring.

Computer Postural Analyses

The computer postural analyses give your physician (who is trained in how to understand them) a wealth of information before he starts treating you, and throughout your therapy, including

  1. which (of the two) abnormal foot structures that you have
  2. the severity of your foot structure
  3. where your primary problem is coming from
  4. if you have any secondary issues (cranial, TMJ, etc) that must be addressed
  5. how to custom design and fabricate a proprioceptive insole specifically and exactly for your needs
  6. how to proceed with your therapy

Without this information (and much more that is obtained from these analyses) your healthcare provider cannot effectively treat your chronic pain problem.

Prescription Proprioceptive Insoles

Your prescriptive proprioceptive insoles are then designed using the findings of the computer analyses. To be effective, your insole must be a specific strength, type, slope angle, vertical height, type of material, surface area and location of proprioceptive stimulation.

These prescriptive insoles will shift your posture to a more optimal position, which will not only give you immediate pain relief but will also create 'shifts' throughout your body. Hence your entire body goes through changes during your therapy.

Patient Progress Monitoring

These body changes must be handled as they occur, through continuous, careful monitoring by your physician.  Monitoring also allows the doctor to spot and handle seemingly unrelated symptoms (e.g. stomach problems or headaches) that are, in fact, resulting from your abnormal foot structure.

Additional Computer Postural Analyses and Insole Prescription Changes
Additional analyses (run as needed) tell your physician when (or if) it's necessary to change your insole prescription, in order to continue your postural corrections and the healing process. 

Addressing Complex Issues

The following example illustrates the complexity of issues and problems that may need to be addressed during your therapy and how your doctor must understand the inter-connectedness between your foot structure and the rest of your body.

David D. came to me because of chronic severe low back and knee pain.  During our initial consultation and examination, he also mentioned he was having stomach problems and headaches.

When I examined David, I found that he had both a forward head position and pelvic rotation. A forward head position tightens the muscles behind the neck (which frequently causes headaches), whereas, stomach problems (gastrointestinal symptoms) are often caused by forward rotation of the pelvis, which will compress the large and small intestines.

I explained that both his pelvic rotation and forward head position were most likely caused by his abnormal foot structure which misaligns his entire body, foot to head.

After running myinitial tests and computer postural analyses, I found that not only were there problems coming from David's feet, but also a potential secondary issue in his occlusion (bite). I explained that his low back and knee pain could be solely the result of his abnormal foot structure or could potentially be a combination of his foot structure and a malocclusion.

Based on the results of my analyses, I designed, fabricated and dispensed David's proprioceptive insoles. I then ran a second series of computer analyses to evaluate his shift in posture. The results of the analyses demonstrated that David's pelvic rotation and forward head position were dramatically reduced.

Within two weeks of wearing his insoles, David reported that his low back and knee pain was dramatically reduced and he was surprised that his stomach problems and headaches were also less. He said that before therapy, he would have never believed that his feet could cause stomach problems and headaches.

For the next three months, David reported continued improvements.  But then suddenly his stomach problems and headaches reappeared. I ran the third series of computer analyses, which showed that it was time to change David's insole prescription, in order to continue his healing.

Within two weeks of wearing his new proprioceptive insoles, David's stomach problems and headaches were gone.  He also reported that his low back and knees were dramatically improving again.

For the next several months, my monitoring of David showed that his body was healing.  But seven months into therapy, his headaches again returned.  I ran another set of computer analyses, which showed that David's insole prescription was fine, but that he did indeed have a secondary issue – a malocclusion which was creating hypertonicity in his neck muscles and causing his headaches. So, I referred David to an orthodontic dentist, who fitted him with a mouth guard, to be worn during sleep. Within days, his headaches were completely gone.

After ten months of therapy, the results of David's final computer analyses showed that his posture was well aligned and stable. His low back and knee pain were practically non-existent and he hadn't had a stomach problem or headache for months.

In summary:         

 1.    Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy must be administered by a healthcare provider who is fully trained and certified by me, in how to treat chronic pain problems caused by the Rothbarts Foot and PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity, as well as the secondary issues and seemingly unrelated symptoms that can arise from these abnormal foot structures. 

2.    This therapy is a complex process and ongoing engagement between the healthcare practitioner and patient, over a period of time – not a single or multiple act of placing a prefabricated insole(s) beneath your foot.

3.    It is this precise process that results in the permanent reduction or complete elimination of chronic muscle and joint pain and other symptoms that are caused by these abnormal foot structures.