Can Misaligned Hips Cause Sciatic Pain?

There are two types of misaligned hips.  One type can cause sciatic pain, the other rarely does.

The type that does not lead to sciatic pain is when one hip becomes higher than the other.  You can see this when you’re wearing a belt, as one side of your belt is higher than the other. This type of misaligned hips results in a leg length discrepancy (one leg appears shorter that the other).

The other type of misaligned hips, which can lead to sciatic pain, is the forward, downward and outward rotation of the hip bones.  (You can see this rotation because the buttocks will be posteriorly protruding). This results in a mechanical compression of the sciatic nerve against the greater sciatic notch, resulting in sciatic pain.

This type of misalignment of the hips frequently comes from a forward, downward and inward rotation of the feet (commonly referred to as ‘foot twist’ and technically referred to as abnormal pronation). The common cause/source of this foot twist is the inherited, abnormal foot structures known as the Rothbarts Foot and PreClincal Clubfoot Deformity.

Sciatic Pain Resulting From Misaligned Hips

This is the sequence that creates misaligned hips that cause sciatic pain: Your abnormal foot structure causes your feet to twist. Your foot twist creates misaligned hips.  Your misaligned hips can compress your sciatic nerve against the greater sciatic notch. This results in sciatic pain. The key to getting rid of both your misaligned hips and your sciatic pain is to effectively treat your abnormal foot structure.

If the source of your chronic sciatic pain has not been identified, or if other therapies you have tried have failed to relieve your sciatic pain, it’s possible that your sciatic pain is caused by misaligned hips, and that this misalignment is the result of a foot twist. If so, reading this website will give you more information about the abnormal foot structures Professor/ Dr.Rothbart discovered that cause many forms of chronic muscle and joint pain and help you determine whether an Initial Phone Consultation with Professor/Dr. Rothbart might be helpful.

Sciatica and sciatic pain are two distinctly different things. 

  • Sciatica is a pathology resulting from disc herniation or spinal stenosis.
  • Sciatic pain is a severe aching or burning that radiates from the buttocks, down the outside of the hip, into the knee and sometimes into the foot. 

But there are multiple causes that can produce sciatic pain – one being a specific type of hip misalignment. In this blog, we are talking about sciatic pain produced by a specific type of misaligned hips.