Pain (such as sharp knee pain, hips ache and low back pain) is an effective survival mechanism your body uses to quickly get your attention that something is very wrong.  If you keep ignoring it, the pain volume control cranks up until you can’t ignore it any longer. The pain becomes chronic and you must take action.

Multiple Surgeries And Stronger Drugs Don’t Arrest Chronic Pain

Unfortunately, we don’t have a second survival mechanism that clearly spells out what’s causing the pain and what’s the correct action to remedy it.  And with chronic pain it’s even more difficult as the source of the pain is hidden so most doctors have no inkling on how to effectively treat it.

Every day I receive emails from chronic pain sufferers explaining that after their 5th surgery their pain medication is no longer working and can I recommend a stronger drug to make their pain stop?

My answer is that surgery and drugs will not make your pain go away because they are not addressing the cause of your pain.  Due to your own lack of understanding and your doctor’s false beliefs, you are being led down a blind alley. Let me explain using the following story:

Imagine reaching your hand towards a hot burner.  Your nerves tell you that your hand is getting hot. Your hand continues towards the burner and now your nerves warn you that things are getting extremely uncomfortable.  At this point, you probably realize that the source of your pain is the hot burner and to avoid disaster you need to withdraw your hand.

But what if (because you didn’t understand the source of your pain was the hot burner) you kept your hand above the flame and started taking aspirin and ibuprofen for relief. And when they stopped working, you walked your body (and your burner) to a surgeon’s office for his opinion on how to stop the pain in your hand.

The surgeon, intent on doing surgery and having an agenda of his own, didn’t notice that your hand was hovering over a flame. He diagnosed a hand disorder and started cutting off your fingers, one at a time.  When things got really edgy, he prescribed stronger and stronger drugs for your pain.

Maybe this scenario sounds utterly ridiculous because the cause of the hand pain is so obvious and the solution so simple. But the cause of your chronic muscle and joint pain is not so apparent.

What if the cause of your sharp knee pain, hip ache or low back pain was hidden in a body part seemingly unrelated to where you feel pain? What if even the most acclaimed specialists in the world couldn’t find the cause of your chronic pain? What if they looked everywhere (ran all their tests) and performed multiple surgeries, but still couldn’t get rid of your pain?

The Solution to Resolving Chronic Pain is Not More Surgery and Stronger Drugs

Years ago, I discovered a common cause of chronic muscle and joint pain – the Rothbarts Foot and PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity – two inherited abnormal foot structures which are found in about 80% of the world population. If you were born with one of these abnormal foot structures, when you stand or walk your feet will twist and distort your posture. Over time this creates chronic knee, hip and back pain. (For detailed information, see other blogs on this site).

Unlike the above story where the source of the hand pain is so obvious, these abnormal foot structures that create muscle and joint pain are not so apparent at all. In fact, they cannot be seen unless your doctor is trained to identify them using a technique of putting your foot in its’ anatomical neutral position, which shows the presence of an abnormal foot structure. But because none of his traditional tests tell him that your chronic pain is coming from your feet, he treats you with surgery and drugs, just to manage your pain.

The ultimate resolution to this non-productive situation is to recognize that your hand is on the burner (the cause of your pain) and that the only solution is to take it off.  In other words, find the cause of your chronic pain and then receive a treatment that will resolve the problem.

I suggest that you take the Rothbarts Foot Questionnaire to find out if you may have an inherited abnormal foot structure creating your chronic pain. If you answer many of the questions in the affirmative, your next step is to read about my therapy.

Whether your chronic pain manifests as sharp knee pain, hip ache or low back pain, why struggle with temporary fixes and treatments that only work in the short term, like multiple surgeries and stronger drugs?

As you learn more about my innovative therapy, you may find that addressing and effectively treating your foot structure may be the missing link to ending your longtime battle with unrelenting muscle and joint pain.