Getting Started

​A.  Send Information

After your initial Phone Consultation, please do the following:

  1. Provide any additional information that Professor Rothbart requests (See Patient Information)
  2. Do the Knee Bend Test and take photos as directed
  3. Take photos of your Face, Foot and Body
  4. List all X-rays taken within the last 3 years

Email all of the above to Professor Rothbart at: ProfessorRothbart<at>Gmail<dot>com

B.  Send Payment

We ask that all Long Distance Services be paid in advance.  Please remit the fee for both the computerized analyses of your photos and your upcoming Telephone Appointment (See Payment Information).

​When we receive your information, photos and payment, Professor Rothbart will:

  1. Review all your information
  2. Run Computerized postural analyses on your photos

After Professor Rothbart has completed the above, you will be contacted by email and your Telephone Appointment will be scheduled.

​C.  Your Telephone Appointment

Professor Rothbart will call you and discuss the following:

  1. His findings
  2. The suggested course of therapy
  3. The projected length of time and cost of treatment
  4. And answer any questions you may have