Melian Lagios - A hugh change for me!

If you have been in chronic pain for some time and nothing has helped, if you have been told only drugs or surgery will address your pain, or if you have been told, “Learn to live with it!” , then it may be hard for you to accept that there is a way to cure your pain that does not involve drugs or surgery.

And let’s be very clear about that. Professor /Dr. Rothbart does not “manage” pain. He cures pain. The best evidence of that is the many letters we receive from patients that have had their lives transformed by Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy. Here are just a few of them.


Patient Testimonials For Professor /Dr. Rothbart


“I experienced pain for more than four years after suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome and shoulder impingement. The pain then spread to other parts of my body, including my lower back, hip and right leg and foot. Within just a year, I became quite debilitated and I began experiencing mobility issues that I never expected to have as a person in my early 40s who was once athletic and did long distance running. I began needing a cane and assistance to walk. My ability to perform daily chores and activities were limited and it was hard to see myself having a future without pain. My muscles were so tight and out of balance and this started affecting my joints, ligaments and tendons.

Before working with Dr. Rothbart, I had been in multiple therapies trying to find relief and answers. Dr. Rothbart was easy to work with and helped my understand why I was having the pain and how it was associated with congenital issues in my spine and feet, specifically a PreClinical Clubfoot. He answered all of my questions in a timely manner and helped guide me through the entire therapy process. I felt so comfortable working with him and trusted his expertise.

My pain levels have dropped dramatically since being in therapy with Dr. Rothbart for just under a year. I am now able to walk without assistance and sit for longer periods of time. I can use the computer mouse again and my muscles do not fatigue as easily. I even have been on several small hikes and now do Pilates weekly. This is a huge change for me as I was almost bedridden four years ago and could not use my right hand to grip even a toothbrush.

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work with Dr. Rothbart. In my eyes, he is a miracle worker!”

Melina Lagios

Friday Harbor, Washington USA

                           Julie Campagna – What a difference not being in pain makes in the

quality of life

“The journey to good health can sometimes take the better part of a lifetime. I was paralyzed with polio from the waist down during the polio epidemic of the 1940’s and as a result I lost the muscle in my right leg and have two different sized feet – a size 5 and a size 9. I had a tendon transplant which was unique at the time, and it proved successful. Through therapy I walked again, even though I had been informed that I would never walk again.

Since that time I have had numerous surgeries, two total hip replacements, foot surgery, and arthroscopic surgery on my knee – in other words, I am an orthopedic nightmare. The results of all these surgeries is that I walked with a limp, buy two pairs of shoes for two different sized feet, and suffered from a lot of lower back pain because of not walking with a normal gait. My solution was to take 2 aspirin and just get on with it and I would have the tendency to ignore the situation.

Through an article in a medical journal, I learned about Dr. Rothbart and was intrigued with what he could offer,not as a band aid but as a solution to my problems. After contacting Dr. Rothbart he said he would be pleased to work with me.

Dr. Rothbart likes a good challenge and that is exactly what I offered him. Working with me was like working with one person who had two different person’s legs, very difficult to say the least. Through a series of testing and videos, we were able to come up with a plan and the tactile stimulators worked like a charm. The lower back pain disappeared, the pain from limping disappeared, and I now walk upright (before this I leaned forward while walking). What a difference not being in pain makes in the quality of life.

Dr. Rothbart was a delight to work with, he expected you to do your part and he would go and meet you more than halfway. Both working with Dr. Rothbart and the results were more than I ever expected.

In addition to working with me, he also worked with my husband Joe, who had cancer 12 years ago and the resulting surgery took out the lymph nodes and the carotid artery, leaving his neck very weak. This weakness caused an imbalance in his gait. After being fitted with tactile stimulators, his back straightened, his neck came closer to being in place, and walking was less tiring.

We both thank Dr. Rothbart for this improvement in our quality of life.”

Julie Campagna
Portland, Oregon US






                   Thomas – Cerebral Palsy patient can now walk short distances

without crutches

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder affecting body movement, muscle co-ordination and balance. Thomas (named changed to protect his privacy) was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as an infant.

Thomas’ early ‘in-toeing’ (see photo) gait pattern progressed into a scissors gate pattern as a teen. As an adult, his tight muscles became progressively shorter, to a point that he could no longer place his right heel on the ground when he stood up. Surgeries were performed, attempting to lengthen his gastrocnemius muscle (so as to allow the placement of his right heel on the ground). They failed.

In order to get around, Thomas used crutches to lift his body up and then swung himself forward onto the crutches. He used a wheelchair when away from home.

When I first saw Thomas in October of 2013, his parents were concerned that, if something effective wasn’t done, their son would permanently end up in a wheelchair. They came to me hoping to improve the quality of his life.

Cerebral Palsy is typically not a progressive disease, meaning that the dysfunctional symptoms do not get worse as the child ages. But because Thomas’ neurological symptoms were worsening, I suspected that something in addition to Cerebral Palsy was going on. When I ran an initial Postural Analyses on him, my suspicions were correct. Thomas also has a PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity.

His symptoms included; extremely uncomfortable and alarming intermittent pulsing, tapping and ‘pins and needles’ sensations in the top of his head (which had started six years ago), ‘pins and needles’ in his left arm, instability and poor balance, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, sensitivity with light and sound, difficulty in concentration and problems with anger and self-esteem.

I explained that many symptoms of a PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity can be similar to the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy – so similar that some doctors may not realize that some of their patients’ Cerebral Palsy symptoms are actually coming from their PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity. I told Thomas that I could greatly reduce the symptoms which are coming from his PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity.

I accepted Thomas as my patient and in April, 2015 – about 1 ½ years after starting Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy – Thomas wrote about his improvements thus far:

  1.  “I feel less irritated by the pulsings on my head: before the therapy I was highly distressed by these. I rate my anger level now at ‘5’ on a scale of 1-10, where 10 represents extreme anger. 10 being my rating before the therapy began. Generally, the duration of the pulsings is reduced by 30-40%.
  2. The intensity of the pulsings which cause me to startle has also reduced and I rate my anger level at ‘5’ whereas before therapy it was at ‘10’.
  3. My ability to concentrate seems to have improved by 20-30%.
  4. The quality of my sleep seems better and I rate the improvement at 20%.
  5. I am able to urinate more easily. This has improved by 35%.
  6. I feel I can put my heels down more easily as a result of wearing the insoles, which provide support and comfort.  (Note: This occurred because I gave Thomas specific exercises to stretch his gastrocnemius muscle, and then his proprioceptive insoles prevented the muscle from again shortening.)
  7. When walking around the house without walking-aids, by holding onto household surfaces, I feel safer and more stable with the insoles. I feel there is a 35-40% improvement in my stability.
  8. Alternating-leg walking with the Nordic Sticks is easier. I feel it is 40% easier than before I started wearing the proprioceptive insoles.

Thank you again for the tremendous help you are giving me.


In July of 2016, Thomas completed his therapy. Since his update above, his symptoms have continued to decrease. This is nothing less than extraordinary.

Thomas’ seemingly miraculous improvement with Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy was the result of eliminating his symptoms associated with the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity. The symptoms which remained at the conclusion of his therapy, were solely due to his Cerebral Palsy. (To date, Cerebral Palsy cannot be cured.)

Thomas is now able to walk short distances without crutches or Nordic Sticks. Prior to Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy, this is something his parents thought they would never see.




                             James Miles – Sciatic pain, jaw pain, headaches and eye twitching gone

“Since 2012, I felt burning and stabbing sciatic pain in my right hip, knee, calf, top of right foot and into my big toe. I went to a chiropractor and PT, but the pain continued. I tried steroid injections into my back, but it didn’t help.

I went to a surgeon who told me that my L5 and S1 (5th lumbar and 1st sacral vertebrae) were herniated and protruding. My pain got so bad that I opted for surgery in May of 2013. I did fine or about a year and then my pain came back.

I opted for a second surgery on the same discs, but a week after the surgery was done, again the pain returned. The doctor put me on oral steroids and a combination of Percocet and 600 mg. of Ibuprofen to control the pain.

In addition to chronic back pain, I suffered with pain on the right side of my jaw and there was a grinding sound when I opened and closed my mouth. Also, for many years, my eye daily intermittently twitched (and no one knew why) and I had occasional tension headaches.

I was taking Ibuprofen to control my pain, but between back and jaw pain and the other symptoms I was having, this pretty much limited all my physical activities.

When I came to Professor Rothbart for help, my expectations for his therapy was to resolve my sciatic pain – not just manage it, but actually cure it – so that I would no longer have to worry about bending in a way that would hurt me, picking up my children or helping a friend move.

This is the result of working with Professor Rothbart and having Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy:

  1. My sciatic pain (the burning down the right side of my leg and into my foot) is gone.
  2. The eye twitching I had for years is gone.
  3. The grinding in the right side of my jaw is gone.
  4. My tension headaches are gone.
  5. I’m no longer using pain medication.

I especially liked the time that the Dr. spent with me. He was very interested in making sure that he answered all my questions and that I understood everything.”

James Miles
Indiana, USA

Update from James Miles – nearly 3 years after completion of his therapy

“The pain that I experienced prior to the (Proprioceptive) insoles is completely gone. I have not experienced any sciatic nerve pain in the 2.5 years since receiving my first set of insoles.

Not only that, but I have noticed that lower back pain that I used to have when bending over working in the garden or on the car is completely gone as well. I can actually stand up after bending over and I have zero pain in my lower back.”


                          Chris Greaves – Low back, groin and foot pain now gone

“Before I started therapy with Professor Rothbart, I had acute pain and tension in my low back, which was worse when I sat or stood for long periods of time. My upper back was painful and extremely tight. I had tension around my hip region, constant groin pain, and a dull ache across the bottom of both of my feet and arch area, as well as the inside of my heels.

Other symptoms I was having were episodes of inexplicable nausea, tinnitus in my ear and pain on the left side of my chest. I had difficulty breathing and it was hard to expand my chest so I could only take shallow breaths. This difficulty in breathing was ongoing since childhood.

Out of desperation, I finally sought Professor Rothbart’s help. These are the results of my therapy:

  1. My low back pain is now gone. The tension in this area is now less.
  2. My upper back pain and tightness is much better.
  3. The tension around my hip region is less.
  4. My constant groin pain is dramatically reduced.
  5. The dull ache across the bottom of both my feet and arch area is gone.
  6. The episodes of inexplicable nausea are gone.
  7. The tinnitus in my ear is less frequent and less noticeable.
  8. The pain in my chest is much less frequent. The pain in my heart is now rarely acute.

Professor Rothbart explained to me that, in addition to an abnormal foot structure, I have both cranial and cervical issues. For this reason, I still have to handle my remaining residual symptoms with a chiropractor and cranial sacral therapist.

I am very happy with the results I’ve gotten with Professor Rothbart’s therapy.”

Chris Greaves
British Columbia, Canada



                            Karri Koivula – Can train longer and harder without pain and tightness

“As a child, I easily got pain. It moved from one part of my body to another, but was mainly in my back and hamstrings. I remember having a hard time concentrating at school because of back discomfort, and being hospitalized once because of pain in my neck. Studying at the university, I developed severe chronic back pain.

I was getting pain management therapy for my neck and back and could live with the lessened pain; but what was really bothering me was that I couldn’t work out at the gym without disabling pain. Because working out every day was very important to me, I was worrying about the pain getting worse and worse as I got older. And this would stop me from doing what I love.

What I wanted from Professor Rothbart’s therapy was to lessen my pain and improve my posture. My dream was be able to train hard with weight-bearing leg exercises, without pain and stiffness in my back and hamstrings.

This is the outcome of my therapy:

  1. The tightness on the right side of my back and right hamstring, which were always present when I bent over, is totally gone. I feel considerably less tense in the hip flexors area.
  2. Normally I would feel at least one twinge in my knees during the week, but I now have no knee twinges at all. My knees feel rock solid.
  3. I have more endurance and strength while working out.
  4. There is a big positive difference wearing my proprioceptive insoles while lifting a kettlebell. It’s a lot easier and more natural, as compared with before therapy.
  5. I can now train doing 50 pushups, farmers walk (10-20 kg overall weight), squats (with 16 kg kettlebell), overhead presses (16 kg kettlebell) and multiple chin-ups with no pain – something I was never able to do without pain prior to therapy
  6. In addition to my improvements at the gym, at work I can stand at my standing desk as long as I want without discomfort.
  7. I don’t experience toe pain in my right leg when walking down the stairs outside of my home, whereas I used to always have pain doing this activity.
  8. My breathing has improved and I can deep breathe a lot easier.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my therapy.”

Karri Koivula
Espoo, Finland




                               Dina Ceuppens – No longer needs hip surgery

“My hip pain started a few years ago. My doctor advised surgery, which I was seriously thinking of having done. But a few years ago, my husband had been treated by Professor Rothbart with wonderful results and so I thought that maybe he could also help me.

Before my therapy many activities throughout the day would make my hip hurt as well as my shoulders, neck and arm. While lying in bed my hip would hurt and getting out of bed was difficult. It was hard to bathe, get dressed or even bend over without pain. It was hard to walk. I couldn’t climb stairs without a great deal of pain. I’d even have pain while sitting for a period of time.”My hip pain started a few years ago. My doctor advised surgery, which I was seriously thinking of having done. But a few years ago, my husband had been treated by Professor Rothbart with wonderful results and so I thought that maybe he could also help me.

Now that my therapy with Professor Rothbart is completed, my hip pain is almost completely gone and I canceled my hip surgery! I’m also able to play with my grandsons, lift them, and do lot of other things without pain!!”

Dina Ceuppens
Asuncion, Paraguay




                          Tiago L. – Very close to 100% pain free!

“For the last 3 years I’ve been involved in hard work doing organic farming, which earned me an intense pain in different points of my body, such as my right scapula, shoulder and feet. I’ve never been very strong as I’ve suffered multiple sports injuries in my youth and had a car accident that had some impact on my body’s health.

In the last 2 years, my pain had become unbearable. Yet at that time, I was avoiding taking pills and the chiropractic sessions were working less and less. It’s only now that I’m realizing how much pain I endured daily.

Meeting Professor Rothbart has been quite a priviledge. His career, work and holistic approach reveal a deep knowledge and understanding of the human body and an indepth dedication to a therapy that searches for the true origin of pain – and fixes it.

I’m not 100% pain free, but very close! And now I’m 100% aware. Professor Rothbart’s therapy changed the way I see things in terms of body health and even how the emotions are involved.

Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy is very straight forward and once you understand its basics you’ll realize that it’s ‘obvious’, as it works by correcting your body’s structure and helping your body to regenerate.

I have no doubt that one day it will be used as a standard from any early age, avoiding several health problems and conditions and contributing to people so that they can realize their full physical potential.”

Warm regards,
Tiago L.”

Update from Tiago L. – 2 years after the completion of his therapy

“I continue to feel great!

Before therapy, my main pain was in my back and right scapula, so I couldn’t practice my archery. I had bought a bow, and to shoot it I would feel pain exactly in this main spot. Of course, it affected all my activities – I’m a right handed person – farming, beekeeping as well as swimming. But with the bow I had to use exactly the muscles and back area I felt affected, and I couldn’t go over it. So, I basically stopped shooting – and I really do need practice as I’m a ‘newbie’. I became a bit traumatized and left the bow aside for a really long time.

Recently I got the courage to pick-it up and test my back again. I’ve been feeling great since the end of the Rothbart Therapy treatment, but this was personally the big final test: I felt really, really great, no pain or any abnormal feeling in my back!

The only pain I felt was in losing an arrow – but, again, I do need practice!”



                        Sharon Taglienti – Neck pain, back pain, weak knees, headaches and vertigo are gone!

“I’m just an average person. I have aches and pains that I’ve lived with all my life, thinking it normal. I have a physically demanding job that requires working on tall scaffolding and at the end of the day I would sometimes tell my husband that I felt crippled. Sometimes I could barely get off the couch because my neck and back would hurt so much.

Then, after a month of numbness in my right arm and hand, I was diagnosed with what the doctor said was an age-related symptom. Apparently the cartilage in the juncture of my neck and back had worn away and collapsed and subsequently a nerve was pinched. I was in pain most every day and this started me thinking about the long term prospects. The doctor had said that at some point surgery would most likely be necessary to repair the damage in my spine.

For years, through my association with Professor Rothbart’s assistant Linda, I had listened to wonderful stories of people in extreme pain who were able, through Dr Rothbart’s treatment, to again live a normal life, but never really considered the treatment for myself. But because my pain was getting worse and worse and making it more difficult for me to work, I decided to go through the professor’s assessment of my physical condition. I was diagnosed with a Rothbarts Foot and malocclusion and put into a treatment plan that lasted approximately a year.

Dr Rothbart’s assessment was extremely thorough and informative. You cannot imagine what goes into this evaluation process; a history review unlike anything I’ve ever had before, a thorough physical exam which took over an hour and a complete analysis of my posture.

I started with my first insoles and found almost immediately that my pain levels decreased. During my therapy, the professor would show me, through his computer analyses, the improvement in my posture and how this allowed my body to heal and my pain to become less and less.

Throughout my therapy, Professor Rothbart was totally available and totally committed to my well being. My weekly reports and questions were promptly answered.

Through the next year and subsequent insole adjustments, my pain continued to decrease. After 6 months, I realized I was no longer complaining about being “crippled”.

One of my initial concerns was that the insoles have to be worn in low heeled shoes. I don’t particularly like wearing tennis shoes, so one of the questions I first asked Dr Rothbart was if I would have to wear my insoles all the time to stay out of pain. He told me that the insoles reprogram the brain to maintain the correct posture, and that as the body heals, many patients don’t have to wear the insoles every day, yet they still stay out of pain. He calls this ‘engramming’. At first I didn’t understand how this could work, yet here it is a year later and I find that I can go two days without wearing my insoles, and I still have no pain. This engramming allows me to wear high heels when I want to.

Other symptoms I had before therapy – vertigo and poor balance (both of which my previous doctors had no answer for) a right ankle that constantly gave out, a weak left knee and frequent headaches – problems I never realized were connected to having a Rothbarts Foot – all but disappeared. Before undergoing this therapy and seeing all this for myself, I would have never known that my feet could create all these problems. I was amazed.

The daily pain I had for years in my back and neck is now gone! Contrary to what my previous doctor had told me, I do not require surgery.

My job is very important to me and I had been concerned about how much longer I could continue to climb scaffolds because of my vertigo and bad balance. Now that those problems are gone, I can work at heights without feeling like I might fall off. To know that I can work long days with minimal or no pain at all is a great relief.

I’ve personally found that Dr Rothbart does what he says he can do, and I highly recommend his therapy. The experience is truly life changing.

Sharon Taglienti ”
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts




                               Francesco Sglavo – Can finally get a good night’s sleep!

“My name is Francesco Sglavo. I’m Italian and 63 years old. I had pains in my low back for years, since 1990.

In 2004, I had pain in my entire left leg and I could not walk for more than ten minutes. About that time I knew Dr. Brian A. Rothbart. He treated me and gave me some insoles (that he specially designed) to wear. Since then, I have not had any more pain in my back or leg.

Some years later, I saw Dr. Brian when he returned to Italy. He made me new insoles because he had noted I still had a curved posture. With the change of insoles I felt even better.

In 2009, suddenly a prickly pain appeared in my left wrist, and after some time, also in my right wrist. My family doctor said it was carpal tunnel and the only solution is a surgical treatment. After some time I started to have pain in my shoulders, elbows and hands, especially during the night. I could only stretch my arms very slowly, and I needed to change my position in bed because of this pain. I even bought a new mattress but it didn’t help.

I called Dr. Brian and he explained to me that again changing my insoles would further improve my posture, taking the compression off the median nerve and so the cause of my pain would be removed.

Last October, 2013, I bought an airplane ticket and flew in to see Dr. Brian. Now, wearing new insoles, after only two months I can sleep well again all night. I can stretch my arms without pain in my back, shoulders or wrists.

Thank you, Dr. Brian for your science.”

Francesco Sglavo
Castelli Romani, Italy

Francesco Sglavo’s original testimonial in Italian:

“Mi chiamo Francesco Sglavo, ho 63 anni e vivo in provincialdi Roma. Ho sofferto dolori alle vertebre lombo-sacrali per anni.

Nel 2004 soffrii per mesi di dolori a tutta la gamba sinistra e non potevo camminare per più di dieci minuti. In quel periodo, conobbi il dr. Brian A. Rothbart. Egli mi visitò e mi preparò delle solette da mettere nelle scarpe. Da allora non ho piu avuto dolori nè alle vertebre lombo-sacrali nè alla gamba.

Alcuni anni dopo ho incontrato di nuovo il dr. Brian che era tornato in Italia. Egli me preparò delle nuove solette perchè aveva notato che mantenevo una postura incurvata. Con il cambiamento delle solette mi sentii meglio.

Nel 2009, all’improvviso, comparve un dolore pungente e continuo al mio polso sinistro e in seguito ebbi dolore anche al polso destro. Il medico di famiglia disse che si trattava di tunnel carpale e l’unica soluzione è il trattamento chirurgico. Con tempo ho avuto dolore continuo alle spalle, ai gomiti el alle mani, specialmente durante la notte. Potevo stendere le braccia solo molto lentamente e avevo bisogno di cambiare la mia posizione nel letto a causa de questi dolori. Comprai anche un nuovo materasso, ma non ebbi benefici.

Telefonai al dr. Brian ed egli mi spiego che cambiando di nuovo le solette nelle scarpe, sarebbe migliorata la mia postura, il nervo mediano non sarebbe stato più compresso e al cause dei miei dolori sarebbe stata rimossa.

Lo scorso ottobre 2013, comprai il biglietto aereo e mi recai dal dr. Brian. Adesso, portando le nuove solette, dopo solo due mesi, posso dormire de nuovo bene tutta la notte, posso stendere le mie braccia senza dolore nè alle spalle, nè ai gomiti e neanche ai polsi.

Grazie dottor Brian per la sua scienza.”

Francesco Sglavo
Castelli Romani, Itala

Francesco Sglavo – Update eight years after completion of therapy. 

“I originally saw Dr.Rothbart in 2004 for pain in my back and shoulders. Wearing his insoles, my pain disappeared.

In about 2009, I started having pains in my wrists. I couldn’t get the window shades up or unscrew plastic water bottles because I didn’t have enough strength in my hands. The diagnosis was ‘carpal tunnel’ and my doctor told me that surgery was the only solution.

So I again sought the help of Dr. Brian. He modified my insoles and now I can get the shades up and open bottles! I feel better and no longer have pain in my wrists.

It has now been eight years since I was last treated by Dr.Rothbart and I still am free of wrist, back and shoulder pain.

Thanks, Dr. Brian Rothbart for your knowledge, your professionalism and kindness.”

My best regards,

Francesco Sglavo





                                      Jana Pratt – 13 year old child - No more difficulty breathing, no more ankle twists, knee pain or back aches.

“My name is Jana and I’m 13 years old. As far as I can remember I have always had back and joint pain. I believed it was normal but after following Doctor Brian’s therapy I know it was not normal because now I don’t have any pain.

When I was three, I climbed a tree and when I got down, I couldn’t turn my neck and I had to stay three days with a cervical collar. I also like very much to practice acrobatic gymnastics, but I used to get hurt very easily: ankle twists, knees, wrists and backache. I used to think it was because the training sessions were long and hard but since I started this therapy the training sessions are as long and hard as they were before, but now I have no more injuries.

My joints also used to pop. Doctor Brian says it is because they were not in the right position. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning with a lot of pain in the neck or somewhere else. I thought it was due to a bad posture while sleeping.

I’m good at sports and when we had endurance tests at school I was one of the best but lately I started feeling like I didn’t have enough air to breathe, not only while running but sitting too.

I didn’t want to start this therapy with Doctor Brian because I had worn insoles before and they were uncomfortable. But he took some pictures of my posture and I realized my body was twisted to one side and that my shoulders were rounded. He told me that a girl my age doesn’t have to get up in the morning with arches for having a bad night nor has to get injured that often. He also told me that with the insoles I would be able to run faster and jump higher.

Since I started the therapy, I no longer injure myself except one time while doing a leap. When I forget to wear my insoles the backache comes again, so I know that the insoles are good for me because when I wear them I feel fine. I didn’t like to wear the same model of shoes for five months but now I’m happy with it because everthing Doctor Brain said is true and I’m free from pain.

Jana Pratt
Malaga Spain

Jana P. Original Testimonial in Spanish

Me llamo Jana Tengo 13 anos y desde siempre me han dolido la espalda y las articulaciones. Yo creia que era normal pero despues de haber seguido la terapia del Doctor Brian se que no era normal porque ahora no me duele nada.

Cuando tenia tres anos me subi a un arbol y al bajar de el no podia girar el cuello, tuve que estar tres dias con un collarin. A me me gusta mucho la gimnasia acrobatica y me lesionaba con facilidad: torceduras de tobillo, rodillas, munecas, y dolor de espalda. Yo creia que era porque entrenabamos demasiadas horas y entrenabamos mucho pero desde que empece a hacer esta terapia ya no me pasa nada de todo esto y los entrenamientos siguen siendo igual de duros y largos que antes.

Tambien me crujian todas las articulaciones y me dolian. El Doctor Brian dice que era porque de las clase, pero ultimamente a veces tenia la sensacion de que me faltaba aire, no solo cuando corria, son tambien cuando estaba sentada.

Yo no queria empezar la terapia con el Dr Brian porque habia llevado plantillas antes y era incomodas. El me hizo fotos de mi postura y me di cuenta de que mi cuerpo estaba girado hacia un lado y que tenia los hombros hacia delante. El me dijo que una nina de mi edad no tiene que levantarse con dolores por la manana por haber dormido mal, ni tiene que lesionarse tantas veces. Que con las plantillas podria correr mas rapido y saltar mas.

Desde que empece la terapia no me he lesionado mas exceptuando una vez haciendo un salto. Se que las plantillas son buenas para mi porque cuando las llevo me siento bien y en cambio cuando se me olvida ponermelas me empieza a doler la espalda. No me gusto nada tener que llevar el mismo modelo de zapatos durante 5 meses. Pero ahora me alegro porque todo lo que dijo el Doctor Brian es verdad y ya no tengo dolores.

Jana Pratt
Malaga, Spain



                       Luci Tucci – Constant neck and shoulder pain eliminated by Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy

“About 2 1/2 years ago, I heard Professor Rothbart speak about his research and work using Rothbart Proprioceptive Insoles. I was impressed by all that he said, but although I had had chronic pain in my neck and down my arm for over 20 years, I did not place myself in the same category as his pain patients. After all, my pain started with a car accident, so I figured there was not much to do but manage it with decades of chiropractic, massage, occasional hot thermal baths and yoga.

As my neck and shoulder pain continued, I chalked it up to stress and hovering over my computer. I also had a sciatic nerve problem which went up my entire right leg for 15 years and was aggravated by driving. I had a bite problem which I thought my dentist had corrected. I also had a bunion operation.

Despite all these problems, the patients Professor Rothbart treated seemed entirely worse off than me, as my pain never prevented me from doing anything: it was something I lived with and would live with for the rest of my life (or so I thought).

After reading his book, Forever Free From Chronic Pain, I started to wonder if perhaps I might be one of the people who have a Rothbarts Foot and that my car accident and computer posture might have just been catalysts that brought on my pain sooner. Thinking there might be a glimmer of hope for a pain free life, I made an appointment.

After running numerous tests, I received the correct insole prescription. From the moment I had Rothbart’s insoles under my feet, my pain lifted – gone – instantly. It was the first time in nearly a quarter of a century that I did not feel gripped by that burning sensation and I felt no pressure from my sciatic nerve.

After a few weeks, I could finally sleep on my side again and turn my head with ease. I was no longer clenching my teeth or keeping my face taught. My muscles felt looser. My sciatica was barely noticeable and it feels so good to move.

Professor Rothbart told me that I would forget about how much pain I had been in…I didn’t believe him – after all, who could forget what seemed a lifetime of pain? But the pain release was almost instantaneous. The constant ‘off the charts’ pain that I had for so long, now seems like a distant memory.”

Luci Tucci,

Rome Italy




                   Frank Cook – I had not expected this high level of success in so many areas of my body. But my greatest concern was the unrelenting and disabling pain in my right shoulder resulting from a torn rotator cuff – so bad that I couldn’t raise my arm above horizontal.

“I am a 68 years old male and former college football player. As the game took its toll, I developed four bulging discs in my back. My body started to significantly deteriorate and at 38 I could no longer run or jump. My flexibility decreased so much over the ensuing years that I could not stretch without my back going out and/or severe pain in one or more of my joints. I suffered for decades with pain in my feet, ankles, hips, lower back, wrists and neck and became increasingly immobile.

I saw many doctors including massage therapists, PTs, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and even tried generic proprioceptive insoles. It did not improve.

I also saw several orthopedic surgeons and had two surgeries on my right shoulder, trying to reduce the pain and repair the damage to the four muscles surrounding the shoulder, rotator cuff and cartilaginous surfaces. But each surgery failed: the first lasted 10 years; the second failed to repair the tears. Finally, my orthopedist told me that I needed to have another surgery, but that the outcome might not be successful. If that was the case, I would probably need a joint replacement.

I came to Professor Rothbart for a variety of reasons, none the least of which was to improve the odds of a successful right shoulder rotator cuff repair.

After Professor Rothbart examined me, he told me that the reason the muscles and ligaments (in my shoulder) tore after each surgery was because each time a surgery was performed, the tissue around the shoulder became shorter and shorter. Also, due to the forward rotation of my shoulder, my surgically shortened tissues were continuously put on a pull, resulting in re-tearing.

Professor Rothbart told me that another surgery would not solve this problem at the time, but that by repositioning my shoulder into its correct anatomical position through the use of Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy, my shoulder would significantly improve the odds of a successful rotator cuff repair.

Professor Rothbart then asked me to list all the other problems I was having with my body. I wrote 17 areas of concern, many of which I believed had little if anything to do with my PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity:

  1. Walk comfortably for several miles daily
  2. Eliminate pain in both of my ankles
  3. Eliminate pain in my right shoulder
  4. Eliminate pain in my in my lower back
  5. Eliminate pain in both of my hips
  6. Eliminate both biceps from cramping with minimal use
  7. Eliminate right lat from cramping with minimal use
  8. Sleep on my back without my arms going to sleep
  9. Eliminate pain in my neck
  10. Eliminate pain in both of my wrists
  11. Be able to turn my head in both directions without pain or stiffness
  12. Eliminate tinnitus in both ears
  13. Regain full sensation in all of my fingertips
  14. Eliminate hands shaking
  15. Eliminate the ulcer on my left foot’s second toe
  16. Raise my right arm above my head without assistance
  17. Lift up to 10 pounds above my head with my right arm

After following Professor Rothbart’s protocol for several months, including five days at his clinic in Spain, items 1-7 were accomplished and items 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 16 were improved.

Thanks to Professor Rothbart’s insight, all but the four items improved if not resolved. 13 out of 17 was much more than I had hoped for, let alone expected.

Because my surgeon had scared me into believing that without another shoulder surgery I would be a candidate for shoulder joint replacement, my number one question at the beginning of my therapy was: Should I start the therapy and then have the shoulder surgery three to four months later? Professor Rothbart had simply told me; let’s wait and see what happens. What happened was: I now feel no shoulder pain unless I overdo it, and I can walk for miles without joint or foot pain.

I very much appreciated Professor Rothbart’s professionalism, patience and availability. He took as much time as needed to educate me and explain the process he advised me to follow.

When I started therapy, I had hoped that Professor Rothbart would help alleviate some of my pain, but I had not expected this level of success in so many areas of my body.”

Frank Cook
Portland, Oregon USA



                         Andrew Edwards – Has been to doctors falsely claiming to use Professor Rothbart’s therapy

“I am 27 years old and have lived with chronic pain for more than 10 years!! As a young child I was involved in a lot of sports, including football and boxing. I never would have guessed that I had any muscular or structural problems at all, as I was very fit and healthy. But I gradually noticed that although I performed well at sports, I would always take a good two weeks longer than everyone else to recover from severe muscular pains, particularly in my feet, big toe, thighs and lower back.

The first person I saw about this problem was a sports physiotherapist, who said that I simply did not warm-up properly before playing sports.

After taking his advice I still suffered the same pains, which rapidly worsened. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a series of misdiagnoses, costing me thousands of dollars and none of which worked particularly well.

The situation rapidly worsened and I found that I could not walk without pain.

Even to take one step was agonizing. So I was pushed around in a wheelchair for a while until my intense back pain resulted in painful sciatica and I could no longer come out of my house. I spent all day on the floor being looked after by my mother (who is also unwell).

After many years and a few operations on my foot, doctors came to the conclusion that there was nothing they could do to control the pain and that the only option was a back operation.

That was when I found out about Dr Rothbart’s insoles on the Internet. This appealed to me as I was wearing extremely uncomfortable arch supports, which seemed to make me worse some how. I contacted a doctor who was selling these insoles and bought a pair of 6mm insoles. The improvement was nothing short of a miracle, as I felt my pain decrease dramatically. I walked around for hours and felt great. But much to my disappointment, after a few days the pain came back.

In spite of the return of my pain, I knew that I was on to something. I re-visited the same doctor, who then told me to try the 9mm insoles. He did not examine me or give me any explanation for the return of my painful symptoms, as he was not sure exactly how the insoles worked. Upon using these new insoles, my pain disappeared for a few days, but then again returned.

I became convinced that my chronic pain was caused by the mis-alignment of my feet and ankles and this realization lead me to a clinic in London. There they told me that they had some training from Professor Rothbart and could offer his exact treatment. This was exactly what I was looking for. However, the practitioner did not know how to help me and after modifying my insoles more than seven times, he admitted that he could not help me. His exact words were “I suspect that there might be nothing anyone can do for you, Mr. Edwards”.

I realized that in order to see a significant improvement, I had to see the inventor of the technology himself and traveled to Italy to meet Dr Rothbart. My first impression of Dr Rothbart was that he was someone who really wanted to help me! He seemed very caring and considerate but at the same time, a very straight-talking kind of guy.

Dr Rothbart told me that I have a condition that he calls a PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity. I started undergoing treatment to address this foot structure and this has turned out to be the best decision of my life. Although I am still under-going treatment, the improvements have been rapid, significant and long-lasting. Dr Rothbart is dedicated to helping me get better.

I have definitely learned that although other health professionals using Rothbart’s insoles mean well, they do not have the wealth of knowledge and experience that Dr Rothbart has in dealing with the problems arising from the PMS and the Preclinical Clubfoot Deformity foot structures. And as a result of their lack of expertise, these other practitioners can make you worse.

I have done my own research and there is no one who understands the link between the foot and the rest of the body like Dr Rothbart. When I first saw Dr Rothbart, he examined me for symptoms that I had previously not connected to my chronic pain problems. For example, I had started to have difficulty closing my mouth completely, as my teeth had always felt slightly misaligned. I went to see a dentist about this and he completely dismissed the idea. But after I was given my first pair of insoles from Dr Rothbart, my mouth can now shut properly and feels completely normal, even when I remove my insoles!

Personally, I can’t begin to explain this, but Dr Rothbart seems to be the only person who does understand this phenomenon!

Andrew Edwards
London, England

Update from Andrew Edwards, January 21, 2011

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the therapy I received from Dr. Rothbart was absolutely essential for my health and without it I would have needed surgery particularly on my ankle joints, knee joint and hips! Dr. Rothbart’s therapy has almost alowed me to go back to the active life I use to have before this crippling illness set in.

There are days that go by without me thinking of pain which is amazing and was not how it was before treatment! The treatment is not a miracle, it tooks years of research to get it right and I had to adhere to certain things in order for the therapy to work.

My improvement has been immeasurable so far and I am still improving. I couldn’t walk for long periods which in my case was more than 5 minutes, now I walk for hours. I even feel better when I walk then when I rest which sounds hard to believe but I think that is due to the postural changes that the treatment has achieved.

My personal impression of Dr. Rothbart´s treatment is very positive. He has always been extremely helpful and reassuring and is very professional in his approach. He does not take anything for granted and does everything he can to improve one`s condition.

The treatment is comparatively expensive but the severity of the condition demands the proper treatment, so it is more than worth the money!”

Andrew Edwards
London, England



                   Caroline Allen – No more hip or back pain

I have always enjoyed being physically active and have often found myself involved in quite strenuous work, but from the age of 48 to 51 I noticed that these activities were taking their toll on my body.

Walking was painful and my buttock muscles often went into spasm. I could no longer lean my back on a chair or sofa and sleeping was difficult because my legs and sometimes the whole of my body would jump and twitch as though all the nerves were jangled. Exhaustion was the outcome of all this, but I just reasoned that I was doing too much and needed to rest.

It is amazing how much pain one can tolerate and how many ways one can find to alleviate the symptoms, but my pain management techniques were struggling to cope and I needed to seek help and advice from an outside source.

Fortunately for me it was at this time that I met Professor Brian Rothbart who recognized my symptoms as stemming from a condition called Rothbarts Foot. I couldn’t have been more surprised to discover that I was born a foot disorder that was causing me to stand and walk in an imbalanced way thus creating a strain on certain joints and muscles in my body.

Under Dr. Brian’s care and supervision I devotedly applied myself to his program and wore my proprioceptive insoles for an average of seven hours per day. Within a few days I could walk pain free, breathing became easier and my energy levels increased.

The pattern of recovery was as predicted: a series of good days and not so good days, especially noticeable if I needed a new prescription or if the structure of my shoes started to breakdown. Within eight months I had reached a level of balance where the messages from the insoles to my brain had stabilized. I no longer had pain or tightness in my hips, my back was strong and pain free and even my neck had improved beyond any expectations. Ten months would see me through to the end of my treatment and another success for Professor Brian Rothbart.

I will still need to wear my insoles for sometime, but eventually a few hours a week will suffice. My future is rosy and I can look forward to continuing a physically active, pain free life.

Caroline Allen
Malaga, Spain




                   Paul Jorgensen – Entire body feels better and can now play with his two young children

“I am 38 and started to have back pain when I was 21. I had tightness on my left lower back region and tingling sensations going down my left leg. Though I saw many doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors who helped me get rid of the tingling and some of the back pain, I never felt ‘normal’ and my back has bothered me since.
I was always active in sports, but this pain slowed me down. Then my back went out when I was 30 and then again at 35. I stopped participating in the sports I love because it would aggravate my condition. Then my left hip started to bother me as much as my back. I tried many different methods to heal my condition, but with little success.

I saw Dr. Rothbart’s website and saved it in my favorites. Eight months later I decided to contact him and came to Spain to be treated. It was a very hard decision to make (I live in L.A., Ca.), but I went for it. Dr. Rothbart’s assistant, Linda, made the travel process very easy by providing detailed travel information and answering my questions in very timely responses.

While I was in Spain, it was easy to work with Dr. Rothbart and he showed a genuine passion for helping me get out of pain. Throughout my therapy, Dr. Rothbart was quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had.

I am now about 8 months into my therapy and I definitely feel a major improvement. My back pain and tightness is almost gone, I no longer experience pinched muscles in my neck, my shoulder muscles are more relaxed, my left hip feels better and I no longer limp from random knee pain. I’m now able to lift and carry my two young children and play with them on the floor. My whole body feels better than it did when I was in my 20’s.”

Paul Jorgensen
Los Angeles, California, USA



                         Five months after the completion of Paul Jorgensen’s therapy, he’s once again surfing 6 foot waves!

In working with Professor/Dr. Rothbart, Paul’s biggest goal was to someday return to surfing – one of his greatest loves.

Paul knew that it might take some time for his muscles and joints to become healthy and strong enough to resume a strenuous activity such as surfing. But Paul was determined, and five months after completing his therapy, he sent Professor /Dr. Rothbart this email:

“Dear Professor Rothbart,

I think it’s official. I can honestly say that I am back surfing and feel comfortable enough that you can add that to my testimonial. I have surfed 7 times over the last month or so and surfed a couple of times in up to 6′ waves.

I surfed yesterday in 4′-6′ waves and it was my best session yet. My body felt really good and I was doing all my old moves.

Thanks again for all of your help.”

Paul Jorgensen




                Jonathan Swanson cured of chronic pain Jonathan Swanson – All-American track and soccer champion

“In 1990 I enrolled at Seattle Pacific University where I competed in both soccer and track. During my freshman year, I was plagued with iliotibial band and patellar tendonitis. Also, my feet were pronated. My trainer highly recommended that I see Professor Rothbart because many of our athletes had experienced great results after seeing him.

I had already gone through three pairs of orthotics (which felt terrible), made by the top rated Podiatrists in Seattle, by the time I first saw Professor Rothbart. Although it was over ten years ago, I have very good memories of visiting his clinic. He was very knowledgeable and very detailed and seemed to have the most thorough and scientific approach to his diagnosis, compared to other Podiatrists I have seen.

After receiving Professor Rothbart’s treatment, I went on to become All American in the 1500m (running 3:45), and National champion in soccer for NCAA div II. I credit a large part of my success to Professor Rothbart, who helps me stay injury free. Even 12 years after college, I continue to use the same pair of customized proprioceptive signals. It is amazing that they have lasted over 23,000 miles of running. I am still competing at age 35 and I believe I have a shot at qualifying for the 2008 Olympic trials.”

Jonathan Swanson
Seattle, Washington USA


                Margie Clay cured of chronic pain Margie Clay – Hiking again after years of being in pain

“Before seeing Professor Rothbart, I had chronic ankle, knee and hip pain. I also had headaches. I could no longer hike (which I loved doing) and was tentative in my walking.

Before seeing Professor Rothbart my biggest concern was insurance, if it would cover his therapy. I also didn’t know if it would work for me. But, a friend had good success with him, and her insurance did cover it.

I found Professor Rothbart to be very informative and straight forward. He took plenty of time to answer my questions and I could call him at any time.

After seeing Professor Rothbart my hip and ankle pain disappeared and there is a huge improvement in my knee. My headaches have disappeared and my posture has improved.

When all the serious aches and pains disappeared, my walking itself improved. I can now hike 9km with no pain. I feel better, have more confidence in my physical condition, and enjoy life again.”

Margie Clay
Tallahassee, Florida USA



              Patrizia Ferroni cured of chronic pain Patrizia Ferroni – Avoided foot surgery and walking again

For the last 3- 4 years, I had more and more ankle and foot pain. It started in my right foot and then it traveled to my left. It reached a point where it was difficult to walk without pain. I saw many different healthcare providers. They told me I had a large benign tumor (Morton’s neuroma) in my right foot that must be surgically removed, in order to get rid of the pain. I did not want to have the surgery and this was the reason I saw Professor Rothbart.

On my first visit, I brought in all the past tests that were done, including X-rays and MRIs. Professor Rothbart was very professional and courteous. We discussed a lot about my symptoms, in order to better understand the nature of my foot problems. According to Professor Rothbart, my tumor and consequent foot pain was largely due to the way my feet twist. He suggested, that by improving the way that my feet function, there was a good chance I could avoid foot surgery.

As a result of his care, the pain due to the foot tumor has considerably reduced. My ankle is not hurting anymore and has remained pain free for the past seven years. I am very happy with the results. I was able to avoid foot surgery. I can now walk as much as I want (which I enjoy a lot) and practice some sports without worry about any foot pain. I also feel that my entire body is more stable. Thanks to Professor Rothbart’s method, my life has improved.

I have told others about Professor Rothbart’s therapy. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

Patrizia Ferroni
Rome, Italy

Patrizia sent me this email on January 13, 2011

“Nessun dolore gia´da oltre 1 anno.”


Update from Patrizia Ferroni: “I have had no foot or ankle pain now for more than six years.”


              Martino Ceuppens – Severe hip pain gone!

“I had severe hip pain for at least 10 years, but in the last two years it became chronic. The pain started in the morning and lasted all day long. As with everything that involves pain, it had its’ ups and downs. In its’ `up´, I felt a considerable amount of pain and in its `down´, I wasn’t able to think due to the excessive pain I experienced. For the last two years I was under strong medication, but it didn’t help much.

At first I wasn’t very convinced about Professor Rothbart’s therapy since it didn’t involve any kind of surgery or injections, which in that moment were the options that I had. I had tried the injections, but they didn’t work.

Once I started Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy, what came to my attention was the simplicity of it: a consultation, a series of photographs and using insoles. For me, it was too simple to be true, and as I said before, I wasn’t convinced, but as with all other therapies I had great expectations.

Now that I have finished my therapy, I still can’t believe that the pain has gone away. It’s like I’m expecting it to appear again at any moment.

Regarding the things I am now able to do is, first of all, getting up in the morning and dressing myself without pain. I am able to focus my day in a positive manner. I can now walk freely and climb the stairs.”

Martino Ceuppens
Asuncion, Paraguay

Martino Ceuppens’ original testimonial in Spanish:

Por mas de diez años sufri de dolores de cadera, pero en los ultimos dos años el dolor empeorò y se volvio cronico. Los dolores empezaban por la mañana y duraban hasa la noche. Como todo dolor tenia sus picos y sus momentos tranquilos, en los momentos tranquilos el dolor era fuerte, y en los picos no podia siquiera pensar ya que la intensidad del dolor era algo fuera de lo comun. Durante estos ultimos dos años estuve bajo medicacion fuerte, pero estos no ayudaban mucho.

Al principio no estaba muy convencido, ya que no incluia ningun tipo de cirugia ni sesiones de inyeccion, que fueron en su momento las opciones que tenia. Habia intentado las inyecciones, pero no funcionaron. Una vez que empezo la terapia, lo que llamo mi atencion fue la sencillez de la misma, una serie de fotos, una consulta, y usar las plantillas. Para mi era demasiado simple, y como dije, no estaba convencido, pero como toda terpia, estaba con muchas expectativas.

Todavia no puedo asimilar que el dolor se haya ida, es como que sigo esperando a que vuelva en cualquier momento. Respecto a las cosas que puedo hacer, para empezar es poder levantarme de mañana y vestirme sin dolor, es poder enfocar el dia de manera positiva, poder caminar tranquilamente y subir las escaleras.

Martino Ceuppens
Asuncion, Paraguay

Update  Martino Ceuppens – Two Years After Completion of Therapy

“Hi Professor, this is the third update from my father, Martino.  Everything is still great. He has experienced no pain at all.

with regards,
Fernando Ceuppens”


             Sara Pinto cured of chronic pain

My teeth had been filed and were no longer aligned so my teeth were sore and uncomfortable. I had neck and shoulder pain. It was a pervasive problem that was seriously and negatively affecting me. The pain and discomfort were constant.

Before I started treatment with Professor Rothbart, I wondered if his treatment could resolve my problems. But I found him to be very pleasant and professional.

The results of his therapy were that my neck pain started to subside and my teeth pain decreased noticeably. They started to “fit” better in my mouth.

Professor Rothbart’s work made an unmanageable situation much better. I would absolutely refer him to anyone.

Sara Pinto
Chicago Ill, USA


                                               Chiara S – Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy has changed the appearance of my Downs child’s face

“My daughter, Diletta, is a Down’s child. My friend told me to see Professor Rothbart before I began her orthodontic therapy. (Orthodontic problems are common with Down’s children.)

During my first visit with Professor Rothbart, he emphasized how important it is for my daughter’s head to be in a more correct position over her spine before we begin her treatment with the orthodontist. He told me that if Diletta’s teeth are straightened with her head forward, it will lock her head in that position causing pain as she gets older.

Three months after being treated by Professor Rothbart, Diletta’s head sits more directly over her spine. However, what is so amazing to me is that her face has changed and she looks like a more normal child. This is a miracle and God Send for us.

Thank you Professor Rothbart for helping our child.”

Mrs. Chiara S
Rome, Italy


                 Maria Casarino cured of chronic pain Maria Casarino – Enjoys walking again without the fear of falling down

“I took my 78 year old mother to see Professor Rothbart because she has been suffering with painful joints (her knees, hips and back) for years. She used to love walking but her pain has become so bad and her balance is so terrible, that she would just sit around her apartment all day long.

Professor Rothbart examined my mother and did a lot of tests including a computer analysis of the way she stood and walked. He told me he could help my mother to become more active with less joint pain. So we decided to begin his therapy.

Six months later my mother has almost no pain in her knees, hips and back. Her balance is much improved. She is no longer fearful of falling down. But what I consider to be a miracle is her change in attitude about walking. Now she wants to go for walks and not just short walks. Just recently, we walked around Rome for two hours. I was exhausted but my mother was not tired and didn’t want to sit down. I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!

Thank you Professor Rothbart for helping my mother.”
Maria Barisone
Daughter of Maria Casarino
Rome, Italy




                      Dena S. – Fibromyalgic patient has less knee and back pain and can once again play his guitar

“I am 25 years old. All my life I have been very active. I surfed, snowboarded, and played soccer. I am a semi-professional drummer and I also play the guitar. Life was great or so I thought until three years ago when I was diagnosed with having Fibromyalgia (FM).

The past three years have been horrible. The pain in my muscles and joints is so bad that I can longer play the drums (my greatest passion in life) or the guitar. I used to be very strong but now my joints are so weak that I get inflamed and hurt easily. For this reason I can no longer participate in any type of sport.

I have seen many different doctors. No one could really help me. The best they could offer was drugs which I did not want to become addicted to. Recently my family MD referred me to Professor Rothbart. He told me if there was anyone in this world that could cure my FM it was Professor Rothbart. Needless to say, I found this hard to believe but I went to see him.

My first visit with Professor Rothbart lasted over one hour. After one of the most thorough examinations I have ever received, we talked. He told me that I was born with a foot structure that forces my ankles to twist when I walk. He said this results in symptoms that are very similar to FM. Professor Rothbart believed that his therapy would allow me to get my life back, the way it was before I had FM. I was almost afraid to believe him. I have been so disappointed in all the other therapies I’ve tried. However,I started his therapy.

The first thing I noticed was that my joints were less painful. And my back was definitely better,especially the lower part. This really impressed me. All this occurred after being in his ‘magical therapy’ for one week! This is incredulous for people like me suffering from FM.

I can now play the guitar again. (My wrists were so weak and painful that this was almost impossible before I started my therapy with Professor Rothbart). At the rate my body is recovering, I will also be able to play the drums again. Something I never imagined possible.

Thank you Professor Rothbart. You have truly saved my life!”

Dena S.
Florence, Italy



                Maria Bruno – knee pain and neck tension are gone

“I am a hairdresser and stand on my feet all day long. For years the bottom of my feet, knees and low back have been very very painful. I have constant tension in my neck and between my shoulders. No one could help me and believe me, I tried everything.

Then I saw Dr Rothbart. I started his therapy and now two months later, my knee pain and neck tension is gone, and my feet and low back are much less painful.

If you have pain, see Dr Rothbart.”

Maria Bruno

Rome, Italy



                  Marco Pagliano – Dramatic improvement in the appearance of his face

“My 17 year old son was born with Down’s Syndrome. His posture is horrible. He is ungainly and walks like a duck (very common with Down’s).

Since being treated by Professor Rothbart, his posture is much better and he no longer walks like a duck; he walks like a normal child.”

Monica, mother of
Marco Pagliano
Rome Italy

                 Rosario Nistico – Pain from an intractable (non responsive to therapy) groin injury eliminated

“I injured my calf muscle in 1999 playing tennis. I was treated by orthopedists, posturologists and physical therapists. The pain persisted and no one could help me. I lived with pain for over 8 years.

Then I saw Professor Rothbart and within one month the pain in my calf muscle was gone. And it has not returned for the past five years.”

Rosario Nistico
Rome, Italy




                   Guardia Gasull – Severe ski injury to right ankle healed normally without surgery

“I am an avid skier and in early 2007 I twisted my right ankle. It became so painful I had to use crutches and pain medication.

After my first visit with Professor Rothbart, my husband and family watched me walk out of his office without the crutches. It was almost unbelievable.

I have not since used the crutches, I have no pain and my ankle is totally healed.”

Guardia Gasull
Barcelona, Spain



              Doctor Jackson – cured of chronic knee and back pain and headaches

“I have had headaches for years – 3 or 4 every week. I also have been suffering from chronic knee and back pain.

Unable to travel to Rome, I became aware of Professor Rothbart’s long distance therapy from reading his patient website. This motivated me to set up my initial phone consultation with him to see if I was a candidate for this type of therapy. It turned out I was.

During my initial phone consultation, Professor Rothbart requested certain photos be sent to him. Using these, he ran a computer analyses on my posture and foot structure. Based on these and other findings, Prof Rothbart custom designed my proprioceptive insoles that I have now been wearing for nearly two years. I am pleased to say that my headaches are now gone. And my right knee and low back feel much better.”

Dr. A. Jackson (Podiatrist)
London England UK


                 Mariangela Croce cured of chronic pain Mariangela Croci – Walking longer, eyesight improved and energy increased

“Dear Professor Rothbart,

I am back from a botanic garden trip on the Lago Maggiori, famous for flowers. I walked around for almost a couple of hours, an incredible amount of time for me. There was some strain, but before all this would have been impossible.

I have found that my eyesight, which was getting worse before my therapy with you, has now improved. And my energy has increased. That is a miracle!

Also, my last visit to you was significant for me, in taking consciousness of how deep is the communication existing between my body and my emotions. Now I really understand.

I can say with no fear of being overenthusiastic that anyone who reaches out for Professor Rothbart – a most extraordinary doctor – is a lucky person, ready to accept in life a fundamental step towards happiness.”

Mariangela Croci
Milan, Italy

Update from Mariangela Croci 7 years and 5 months after completing her therapy

“I find myself well with the insoles and feel much better with them on. Last but not least, I have a funny habit of kissing them at night when taking them off… to thank the Universe, underlying Prof. Rothbart for it!”




                  Alice Venanzi – x-rays show curve of her spine improving

“I am 16 years old. Since the age of 10 my low back has hurt. My pediatrician told me it was due to the curves in my back and it could get worse. A good friend of my mother told me to see Professor Rothbart.

After being treated by Professor Rothbart, I no longer have pain in my back and the X-rays show the curves in my back becoming straighter.”

Alice Venanzi
Aracci, Italy

                                              Emily Anderson -             

Dr. Rothbart has been right about many things during the course of my therapy with him.  One of those things was his observation that the end-of-therapy patient testimonial would be difficult to write.  In my case this is true, not at all because I am dissatisfied with my outcomes (on the contrary, as you will see), but because writing such a testimonial involves reliving the saga of pain and disappointment that many of us came to Dr. Rothbart to erase.

I want to say at the outset that I likely came to Dr. Rothbart in a more fortunate predicament than many of his long-distance therapy patients.  I was 35 years old when I started my therapy, physically quite active, albeit not in the ways I would wish, and enjoying a good overall quality of life.  My reasons for contacting him had to do with my background as a competitive, long-time, long-distance runner.  I am a former D-1 athlete, who competed in track and cross-country throughout college and ran competitively on various club teams thereafter.  Running has always been my passion.  It has also always been my torment: starting in high school I’d experience mysterious, injury-free swaths of time—a year, 7 months—during which I’d compete with the best in the nation, followed by increasingly inexplicable myofascial injuries that took an increasing mental and physical toll.  My college career was compromised, and post-collegiately I juggled my running with my professional pursuits, taking advantage of my times free from injury and distracting myself with alternate activities (swimming, yoga) and work when I could not run.  Prior to finding, Dr. Rothbart I had enjoyed a couple of years relatively injury-free and rejoined a club team.  Following the birth of my son, I had returned to about 40 miles a week of training and run a 1:24 half marathon.

I always knew that my patterns of injury were not normal.  Like many of you reading these testimonials, I had, over the years, seen everyone and tried everything.  I had driven miles and flown hours to see the best sports medicine people in the country; I’d had traditional and non-traditional treatments; I’d had three foot surgeries and tried countless orthotics.  I had spent a lot of money.  This is the part of the saga that I certainly don’t want to relive.

When I started my therapy, in September 2012, I knew I was undertaking something extreme, and I knew this was going to be my last extreme attempt.  My chronic myofascial problems had returned, this time in my left hamstring (a debilitating pain), and my chronic heel problems—the ones that had contributed to multiple foot surgeries five years prior—had as well.  I had numerous other signs of asymmetry that prior soft tissue specialists and chiropractors had never managed to resolve.  I was still running at the start of my therapy, about three days a week, but those runs were always in pain.  My goal was if possible to return to daily pain free running; I merely wanted running to be a healthy part of my life again.  My days of racing were, I thought, far behind.

Dr. Rothbart warned me, and I’ll warn you, that I was a particularly complicated case.  I exhibited a mixed-pattern of postural distortion and a pronounced pre-clubfoot deformity.  My therapy took just about 18 months, which was the time-frame Dr. Rothbart mentioned at the beginning.  It consisted of many ups and downs, again just as he warned.  During the course of it, I needed cranio-sacral therapy; I met with a ballet teacher to work on posture.  In addition to sending in postural photos, I needed to record and send walking and running videos. I experienced a period of painful nerve entrapment.  In my case, I did require an additional, although relatively minor foot surgery.  I also required three series of insoles, which is atypical.  

Throughout the course of all of these events, Dr. Rothbart and Linda Penzabene remained professional, responsible, and reassuring.  Doing this therapy long distance is possible, thanks to their experience and organization.  I understood each new step I took before I took it, and Dr. Rothbart consulted with the external doctors that I needed to see.  The process felt long and at times despairing, though I was comforted throughout by the fact that I wasn’t just visiting doctors randomly, as I had in the past. I continued doing regular yoga and swimming, especially during the several months that I could not run at all.  

The results of my therapy have been very encouraging and promise to get even more so.  I returned to running about 3 months after my most recent surgery—much sooner than I had after prior surgeries—and my progress since then has been steady.  I am now back to running about 20-30 miles a week, and while I am not completely symptom free, my major pain areas (left hamstring and right heel) have decreased from a level 5-6 pain, sometimes a 7 at the worst, down to almost nothing in the hamstring and a very manageable 2 in the heel (I am now 6 months post-surgery).  Best of all, I have returned to consecutive days of running without exacerbating my symptoms.  I’ve noticed that many of my swimming asymmetries have improved, and I am no longer plagued by the random pinched-nerves that I would sometimes get after swim workouts.  Chronic low back pain that I had on the right side of my back has disappeared.  

The other variable that I have introduced into this recovery process is a happy one: just as I was nearing the end of my therapy, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our second child.  Though I wasn’t undergoing therapy to assist in fertility, we were very happy about this result.  I certainly got pregnant more quickly than I had with my first son, a fact that I hadn’t depended on given my age.  I experienced much less morning sickness this time around, and the pregnancy has not seemed to contribute at all to any returning symptoms.  I’m 18 weeks pregnant now, and running at the levels I’ve listed above.  I’m anticipating that I stay as active for the remainder of the pregnancy.  

Dr. Rothbart has also explained to me that our bodies continue to heal for 6-12 months after therapy is complete.  I’m very eager to revisit my own testimonial a year from now and to reflect on continued improvements, especially as I return to post-pregnancy activities and hopefully racing.  I think for me the biggest relief, so far, hasn’t been from the physical pain so much as the mental uncertainty: before therapy, I always felt like a time-bomb, as my periods of health were always shadowed by my knowledge that despite my most pro-active efforts to prevent it, mysterious  and debilitating injury could always strike.  Now I feel stable.  I may not be completely pain free, but my pain levels are greatly decreased—and best of all my current activity promises not to exacerbate them in an unexpected manner.  Instead, I am able to look forward to increasing improvement.  In many ways I wish I had found Dr. Rothbart sooner; at the same time, I’m beginning my physical life anew at age 37, and that is a happy ending, indeed.

Emily Anderson

San Diego, California