Publications by Professor/Dr Rothbart

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Known as the father of chronic pain elimination, Professor/Dr. Rothbart has been published in leading medical journals worldwide, including:

  • Journal American Podiatric Medical Association (formerly Journal American Podiatric Association)

  • Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapie

  • Italian Journal of Sports Medicine

  • Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

  • Pain Management (formerly American Journal Pain Management)

  • Biomechanics

  • Journal of Orthodontics

  • Il Podologo

  • Podiatry Review (formerly Chiropody Review)

  • Journal Cranio Manidibular and Sleep Practice

  • Journal Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine

Professor/Dr. Rothbart has spent 40 years studying and publishing on chronic pain issues, particularly related to feet, knees, hips, back, neck and jaw pain.  Below is an abbreviated list of his publications.

Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

  • Rothbart BA, 2010. Plantar Fasciitis. Positive Health Online, Issue 174, September.

  • Rothbart BA 1971.  Heel spur and heel spur syndrome.Journal American Podiatirc Medical Association (JAPMA) 61(5):186-189.

Knee Pain

  • Rothbart BA, Esterbrook L, 1988. Excessive Pronation: A Major Biomechanical Determinant in the Development of Chondromalacia and Pelvic Lists. Journal Manipulative Physiologic Therapeutics 11(5): 373-379.

  • Rothbart BA, Yerratt M. 1994. An Innovative Mechanical Approach to Treating Chronic Knee Pain: A BioImplosition Model. The Pain Practitioner (formerly American Journal of Pain Management) 4(3): 13-18.

Hip Pain and Low Back Pain

  • Rothbart BA, Liley P, Hansen, el al 1995.  Resolving Chronic Low Back Pain. The Foot Connection.  The Pain Practitioner(formerly American Journal of Pain Management) 5(3): 84-89

  • Rothbart BA, Hansen K, et al 1995. Resolving Low Back Pain. Treat the Foot. Rennes University of Medicine, Medical Archives, Rennes France (OnLine April 8, 1995).

Previously unknown foot structure and a novel approach in treating it

  • Rothbart BA, 2002. Medial Column Foot Systems: An Innovative Tool for Improving Posture. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (6)1:37-46

  • Rothbart BA 2004 Una teoria sul Primo Metatarso Supinato. il Podologo in Medicina, (28): 28-32, luglio agosto.

  • Rothbart BA 2004 Part I - Medial Column Foot Systems: An Innovative Tool for Improving Posture. Podiatry Review(formerly Chiropody Review), Vol 61(1):20-23   

  • Rothbart BA 2004 Part II - Medial Column Foot Systems: An Innovative Tool for Improving Posture. Podiatry Review(formerly Chiropody Review), Vol 61(2):20-23  

  • Rothbart BA. 2003 Etiology of Foot Hyperpronation - An Embryological Perspective. The Rothbart Foot Structure.British Journal of Osteopathy, Vol 26, pp 16-17

  • Rothbart BA. 2002  Etiology of Foot Hyperpronation - An Embryological Perspective.  ChiroZine (Chiro Org News), Published OnLine - May 7, 2002.

  • Rothbart BA, Penzabene LF 2009.  Forever Free From Chronic Pain. Happy About Publishers, California USA.

  • Rothbart BA, Penzabene LF 2013.  The Foot's Connection To Chronic Pain.  BookLocker Publishers, Florida USA.

  • Rothbart BA 2011.  Correspondence: About Rothbarts Foot. Podiatry Review, Vol 68(6):23

  • Rothbart BA 2014. How Rothbarts Foot Leads to Poor Posture and Chronic Pain. Positive Health Online. Issue 211 (January) Bodyworks.

PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity

  • Rothbart BA 2009. What exactly is a Flatfoot? Are there different types?   Podiatry Review, Vol 66(6):4-6.

  • Rothbart BA 2010. The Primus Metatarsus Supinatus (Rothbarts) Foot and the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity.Podiatry Review, Vol. 67(1):

  • Rothbart BA 2014.  Pressure Plate Analysis of Rothbarts Foot and PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity.   Slide Share Presentation

Differences between Rothbarts Foot and Morton's Foot

  • Rothbart BA 2009.  Morton's Foot vs Rothbart's Foot. Are They the Same?  Podiatry Review, Vol 66(3):6-9.


  • Rothbart BA 2006. Asymmetrical Pronation Patterns linked to Thoracic Curves. Biomechanics - The Foot Blog. PICOMM/PIJ Editors, Oct.

  • Rothbart BA 2013.  Preliminary Study: Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Linked to Abnormal Foot Pronation.  Podiatry Review  Vol 72, No 2:8-11.

Change in Muscle Function linked to Postural Distortions

  • Rothbart BA 2004. Pressure Plate Analysis of the Medial Column Foot Insole. A Statistical Study. Online Journal of Sports Medicine (Italian), November Issue.

  • Rothbart BA 2005. Tactile therapy shifts patients towards equilibrium. Biomechanics.  Vol XII, No 10:61-68.

Innovative Proprioceptive Insoles

  • Rothbart BA 2001.  Podiatry Perspective. Journal Bodywork and Movement Therapies Vol 5(4):243-244.

  • Rothbart BA 2005.  Proprioceptive Insoles. From a Podiatric Point of View. Health and Healing Wisdom (Price-Pottinger Nutrition Foundation Journal) Vol 29(3):11.

Functional Leg Length Differences

  • Rothbart BA 2006. Relationship of Functional Leg-Length Discrepancy to Abnormal Pronation. Journal American Podiatric Medical Association;96(6):499-507

Changes in Occlusion (bite) and stress patterns in the Cranial bones linked to abnormal foot motion

  • Rothbart BA 2006 Cranial Lesions Initiated by Abnormal Foot Motion. Health and Healing Wisdom (Price-Pottinger Nutrition Foundation Journal) Vol 30(1):6-7.

  • Rothbart BA 2004. Postural Distortions. The foot connection. Online Journal of Orthodontics, May 10; 6(1): 1-8

  • Rothbart BA 2008.  Vertical Facial Dimensions Linked to Abnormal Foot Motion. Journal American Podiatric Medical Association, 98(3):01-08, May.

               [Rated by Knighton K (2010) as the strongest published research paper (between 2000                                      - 2008) linking stomatognathic system to global musculoskeletal changes.]

Knighton K 2010. Narrative Review: Exploration of global cause and effect of temporomandibular joint dysfunction British School of Osteopathy, Research Paper.  Online Last accessed December 28, 2013.]

  • Rothbart BA 2008. Malocclusions Linked to Abnormal Foot Motion. Positive Health Online, Vol 151, October.

  • Rothbart BA 2013. Prescriptive Insoles and Dental Orthotics Change the Frontal Plane Position of the Atlas (C1), Mastoid, Malar, Temporal and Sphenoid Bones: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Cranio Manidibular and Sleep Practice, Vol 31(4):300-308.

Biomechanics of the Foot, Ankle and Leg

  • Rothbart BA 1972.  Clinical treatise on transverse plane dysplasias of the femur and tibia.  Journal American Podiatric Medical Association, 62(1):1-14.

  • Rothbart BA 1972. Metatarsus adductus and its clinical significance. Journal American Podiatric Medical Association, 62(5):187-190.

  • Rothbart BA 1972. Nomenclature and its importance in modern podiatry. Journal American Podiatric Medical Association, 62(8):298-302.

  • Rothbart BA 1973. Phasic activity of muscles within the lower extremity. Journal American Podiatric Medical Association, 63(4):129-137.

  • Rothbart BA 1973. Part I. Biomechanical analysis of a normal gait pattern.  Journal Canadian Podiatry Association, (3):3-7.

  • Rothbart BA 1973. Part II. Biomechanical analysis of a normal gait pattern.  Journal Canadian Podiatry Association, (4):1-12.

  • Rothbart BA 1974. Flexible Vertical Talus Syndrome: Its Relationship to Talipes Equinus, Journal American Podiatric Medical Association, 64(9):697-700.

Postural Mechanics

  • Rothbart BA 2011.  Primus Metatarsus Supinatus (Rothbarts Foot): A common cause of musculoskeletal pain - Biomechanical vs Neurophysiological Model.  Podiatry Review, Vol.68, No.4, pp 16-18 July/August.

  • Rothbart BA 2011.  Twisting Foot and Musculoskeletal Pain: Root's Biomechanical Model vs Rothbarts Neurophysiological Model.  Positive Health, Issue 186, September.

  • Rothbart BA 2011.  Letter to the Editor (Re Rothbarts Neurophysiological Model).  Podiatry Review, Vol.68, No.6, pp 23, November/December.

  • Rothbart BA 2014.  Malocclusion and Abnormal Foot Motion.Cranio UK (Journal of the British Society for the Study of Craniomandibular Disorders), Issue No. 1, pp 26-29.

  • Rothbart BA 2015.  The Link Between the Foot And Cerebellum. Resolving Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain. Journal Comprehensive Integrative Medicine.  Vol 1(2), 45-57.

All of Professor/Dr Rothbart's publications are available for download at either or