Your name will not be divulged.

​Your cost as a study participant is 750 Euros, which includes your proprioceptive insoles.

If you are interested in participating, contact us at:

If you are suffering with debilitating chronic muscle and joint pain and looking for a proven solution to end it, participate in Professor/Dr. Rothbart's research study.

Requirements to participate in this research study:

  1. Complete a medical history of all current chronic pain symptoms (muscle, joint, visceral and central nervous system)
  2. Complete a psychological pain profile
  3. Complete a Knee Bend Test (instructions to be provided)
  4. For one month, provide a weekly report on your pain symptoms
  5. Sign an agreement allowing Professor Rothbart to use all your data obtained, (other than your name) during this research project for publication purposes

As a participant in this study you will receive a pair of proprioceptive insoles, which will eliminate or greatly reduce your chronic pain.   Your insoles will be designed and fabricated by Professor/Dr. Rothbart.