Rothbarts Foot Questionnaire

Complete the Rothbarts Foot Questionnaire to find out if you can be free

from a previously unknown, common source of chronic musculoskeletal pain  

                   (This questionnaire is not a replacement for a thorough medical examination 

                               nor should it serve as a tool for making a medical diagnosis.)

____  Are the heels on my oldest pair of shoes worn unevenly?  (See Fig. 1 below) 
        Note - Look for unevenly worn heels in shoes with soft rubber or foam-  like heels.                                    Hard rubber heels may not show this wear pattern.  

____  Do I have calluses on the bottom of my feet?

____  Do I have bunions?                                                      

____  Do I have a head forward position? (See Fig.2 below)

____  Do I have bad posture?

____  Do I have scoliosis (severely curved spine)?

____  Was I clumsy or awkward as a child?

____  Are my shoulders rounded?

____  Do I have crooked teeth?

____  Did I wear braces to straighten my teeth?

____  Do I have poor balance?

____  Do I have a tipped pelvis (swayback)?

____  When I walk with someone side by side, do I have a tendency to bump into them?

____  Has my chiropractor told me that I have one leg shorter than the other?

____  Do I have pains that come and go in different joints?

____  Do I prefer to walk barefoot around the house?

____  Do I have tight and/or stiff muscles?

____  Have I seen multiple healthcare practitioners in an effort to resolve my chronic musculoskeletal               pain?


        Figure 1 - unevenly worn heels             Figure 2 - forward head position

If you answered Yes to 8 or more of the above questions, your chronic musculoskeletal pain can likely be eliminated by Rothbart Proprioceptive Therapy. 

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