When physicians treat your symptoms with pain medication, cortisone shots, and oftentimes surgery, they are essentially applying a band-aid to your pain. That short-term fix may last a few days, weeks or months, maybe even a year or two, but eventually your pain will return because the underlying cause has not been addressed.

It’s only when you know the cause of your chronic pain that a solution can be found. When you effectively treat the underlying cause, you get a permanent great reduction or complete elimination of your pain.

The question you’re probably asking is “Then why aren’t my doctors treating the source of my chronic pain?”

The most likely reason is that they don’t know the source of your pain. The source of chronic pain can be difficult to track down and certainly takes more than the 7 to 10 minutes that most insurance companies allow your physician to spend with you.

It’s easier and faster for the doctor to give you a prescription for pain medication. It’s also cheaper for the insurance companies and more profitable for the pharmaceutical companies. But it’s bad for you. As you drag along week after week, month after month, year after year in the half-life of pain, pills and doctor appointments, you wonder if there will ever be a solution.

But what if I told you there is a very common source of chronic muscle and joint pain that frequently goes unidentified because so few doctors are aware of it? Furthermore, this common source of pain can be effectively treated without drugs, without surgery and without never-ending physical therapy.

This common cause of chronic muscle and joint pain is an abnormal foot structure known as Rothbarts Foot is caused by an abnormality in the sub ankle (talar) bone that sits atop the heel bone. If you have a Rothbarts Foot, you were born with it. It does not develop later in life.

It’s almost impossible for parents or pediatricians to see that a baby has been born with a Rothbarts Foot.  But as the baby grows, its’ body begins compensating for that abnormal bone structure by twisting and turning its skeletal structure, trying to balance itself.

Over time, those twists and turns put pressure on the ankles, knees, hips, spine, discs and nerves, causing knee, hip, sciatic, back and neck pain.

In other words, the Rothbarts Foot can eventually cause chronic muscle and joint pain throughout your entire body.

You Cannot Successfully Treat The Rothbarts Foot Using Pain Management Therapies

You cannot successfully treat the Rothbarts Foot using pain management therapies. But the good news is that the Rothbarts Foot is VERY FIXABLE – without using dangerous prescription drugs, performing tedious exercises, seeing your chiropractor the rest of your life – and without surgery.

Once the Rothbarts Foot has been correctly treated, your body naturally finds its' balance, which allows all the related dysfunctions in your body to heal. That means you’ll be out of chronic muscle and joint pain – not just for weeks or months, but forever.

Your body will be healed, in the truest meaning of the word.

Very few doctors have been correctly trained in how to identify the Rothbarts Foot, so if you have this foot structure, it’s unlikely your family doctor or even a specialist could diagnose that you have it.

How, then, can you tell if a Rothbarts Foot is the cause of your chronic pain? For starters, read the blogs on this site under the category of Abnormal Foot Structures.  Take the Rothbarts Foot Questionnaire and the Posture Self Analysis.

If you are tired of living with chronic muscle and joint pain and the endless trap of pain management therapies, and if you think you may have a Rothbarts Foot, I encourage you to schedule an Initial Phone Consultation to talk with me about how we can resolve your problem.

Pain management, by definition, is a program or therapy designed to treat your symptoms. That is, the goal of pain management therapies is to manage pain so that otherwise unbearable symptoms become tolerable.

So, if you suffer with chronic pain, you need to know this ugly truth about pain management therapies: The goal is not to find the cause of your pain, but merely to treat your symptoms.

The Ugly Truth About Pain Management And The Rothbarts Foot